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Hi there.

Noticed yesterday that the little black plastic thing you pull up with fingers on my Omega is broke in the middle thin bit.  Its a Manual Transmission.

It engages reverse OK, but appears it come away in the thin but under where fingers sit to engage about a fingers thickness down the shaft - This is thin but where it then widens again before on the Gaiter boot where that then sits.

Works OK.  Can the plastic lifter thing be replaced ? Is it easy ?  Can get Original Part ?  I assume would also need a new knob as well - Again can get original one ?

Looks like it may glue OK, but wanted to see if replacement was easy and doable.

Thanks in advance.



Well the Opel (if you look at the Grille as I put a new one on  ;D - LOL) flew trough MOT, no advisories and nothing to watch out for as had a good chat to MOT fella.

Happy days and 67k on clock now  :D - 1,300 miles this year in her and treated her to a tank of Shell Optimax  :y as I hear mixed stuff on the E10, and she does sit for a few weeks in the garage all tucked up so a tank of Optimax 99Ron should be all reet and probably runs better on it :y

Well chuffed. :y

Omega Gallery / New Part Fitted - Front end pamper :)
« on: 29 August 2021, 17:14:44 »
Treated the ole girl to a new part.  Can you spot the change  ;D

Always preferred the Opel grille, must be at least 20BHP more now  :D


I have a Front bumper for a Pre or Mini facelift Omega (with fog light holes so NOT a GLS LOL)

Its in good condition.  Are they worth Selling ?, just Bin it ? or does anybody need one ?

I got it a few years ago as needed a fog light  :D

Also have the reinforcing bar with it (or Iron Girder  :D).


Omega Gallery / The old Girl passed, NO advisories again :)
« on: 13 November 2020, 18:38:02 »
The Old girl passed MOT again, no advisories other than the MOT chap saying my word that's clean  :D - we all had a look at her  :y

13 months MOT and 66k on the clock  :y 

All tucked up again inside now.

My Dads Y plate 2.2 Auto Petrol is looking for a new home.

We got her MOT'ed but needs some welding.  Not an issue to I believe (we even got a quote), but my dad is 80, health not good, so he has painfully decided to hang up (for the time being) his Omega Boots  :'(

Some highlights:
  • Cruise control fitted
  • Rocker cover gasket done (Genuine GM)
  • New Pads - Front and rear recently (Genuine GM)
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust
  • Oil and filter change recently as well
  • 86k on the clock
  • Towbar fitted - He had a little box trailer so no heavy Caravan
  • MOT I believe is 'valid' till 16h Nov on system
  • Autobox is sweet as a nut

As said, she will need some welding done.  MOT items to address were:

  • welding - subframe mounting welding
  • welding - near rear spring mounting
  • Headlight aim - Lenses need another polish - not that bad as I did them a couple of years ago but I suspect they just need another go over
  • Needs a couple new tyres
  • New wiper blade !

There were some other in relation brake pipes and a bush but not a failure.

Its a shame as my dad has enjoyed the car but time get rid now unfortunately. 

I am sure somebody could get her up to scratch, but unfortunately my dad being 80 has admitted to me today that he can't see him using the car even if he had it sorted (which otherwise he would have had done).

Typically done 1,000 a year, and last couple of years only a few hundred miles in the year, just 100 this last year  :'(

If anybody is interested, then let me know else it looks like she is destined for the great breakers in the sky :(

No idea what she is 'Worth', not much probably but seems a shame to terminate her just yet  :'(

If interested, let me know.


Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Keyfob buttons not working :(
« on: 13 September 2020, 17:05:48 »
Hi all,

Visted my dad the yesterday and the keybob (all buttons) do not work on his 2.2 Petrol Auto (Y PLate) on one of his keys.

I put a new CR2032 battery in and still nothing.  All appeared OK inside.

I did recall that you had to turn ignition on and press and hold a button on the Fob ?  I tried that but still no banana  :(

Any thoughts.  Key starts car OK, just no buttons work.  The Spare key is all OK.

Thanks in advance.


Hi all.

Went to visit my dad and gave his Desmond (Y Plate Facelift 2.2 Auto Petrol) a once over and bit of an "Italian Tune up" as not used for months.

All was ok but when checked all windows rear drivers one came down half way then stopped and would not go up or down.  Bit of a clunk then now move at all !!!! :-[

I can hear the motor when press up and down ??  Am I correct that something has come disconnected from the bottom of the Glass inside ??

I managed to push, pull the window back shut.

Any advice gratefully recieved, and if rear door card easy to remove ??

My MFL V6 Had a nice run there and back  :y  I still prefer my MFL and the V6 :) but and advice on the window I can hopefully fix it for him next time I go there.

Cheers again,

Hi there,

I am trying to help somebody with a battery issue on a 2016 Skoda Fabia Monte Carlo.

On looking in the engine bay, I note there is a small plastic module with a small sensor/monitor wire plugged into it.  Lead disappears into the loom.  Main battery negative is then bolted to body just by the battery.

Does anyone know what the small module and wire is on the battery wire at the negative terminal end, and what the little wire plugged in is monitoring ?

I am curious. If Google part number 1K0915181H then that shows a picture  :y

Omega Gallery / MOT DAY - Old Girl Flew Threw :)
« on: 15 November 2019, 19:27:32 »
MOT Day today for my V6 Manual baby  :-\

The old girl flew through as she always does with NO advisories.  And a whooping 1200 miles in last year (65k now on clock  :y) - I must take it easy on her  ;D

20 years old in January  :y

I guess owning her from new, and keeping her in a heated garage pays off  :y

All tucked up under her duvet again in the warm now poor baby.

Omega General Help / Fuel filter change (V6) - Any advice ?
« on: 28 March 2019, 14:21:12 »
Hi all,

Been a few years since I did the fuel filter, so though whilst I do oil and oil filter would do the fuel filter as a treat   :D

I have seen a few stories of broken clips/pipes, so before I tackle any advice or tips on removing and installing to save it ending in disaster  :o

I have ordered a GM one 'With Clips' it said  ;)

Thanks all.


I have a MFL Omega V6 (V plate) and I have noticed the door mirror adjuster is becoming somewhat 'reluctant' to operate the mirrors (regardless of which mirror).  I does eventually spark the mirrors into movement but only after pressing the control several times in a sort of weird ritual  ;D

My dad has the facelift Desmond, and I recall removing his panel as that went funny but was able to clean contacts if I recall (small ball bearings ?).

The one on mine is of course different (this is the one by the looks

The question is:

  • Can contacts on mine be cleaned ?
  • I see some on sale have a small orange led ?  Mine does not, if changed, would either one fit (with or without the led?
  • Would they have them at the dealer ?  I would guess not - Anybody know the Part Number ?
  • Are they easy to change without damaging anything ?  I am always nervous about removing doorcards  :-\

Many thanks all.


Hi all.

I Will be treating my dad's 2.2 Petrol to an oil and filter change and new pads.  Trivial question:

  • What is the oil capacity on the 2.2 Petrol (I recall it was less than 5 lt, 3 and a bit springs to mind ? - I have the V6 which is annoyingly more than a standard 5ltr pack !)
  • I have a new set of GM pads.  I assume the pad with metal backing plate is on the piston side (just want to check as can't guarantee previous set done right)

Also treating front lights to a spruce with the old polish and wet and dry - dab hand now at that !

Car not do that many miles.  Any simple things to check or do as routine whilst I am there on the 2.2.  (I did cam cover gasket last year as was starting to weep)

Thanks in advance.


Hi all,

Apologies for a Tyre question, but I was interested if anybody has used the new Bridgestone Driveguard tyres ?

I need to put new boots on the family bus, VW Touran TDi Sport 177 DSG (15 plate)

Touran has NO spare wheel !!! and the Bridgestone Driveguards claim to be compatible with any car with the Tyre Pressure monitoring system fitted and can be driven on (at low speed of course) to enable you to get out of trouble so sounds a useful thing, even if it was to get off the motorway and somewhere safe. 

The OEM fitted tyres are Extra Load rated (XL) and the Bridgestone Driveguard tyre also comes as an XL  flavour so it would imply I could use them on the Touran as it does have the Tyre Pressure Monitoring system fitted (and works as chirped up the other day as one of tyres was low  :y, but not by much)

The limited reviews I have seen claim sidewalls are not as severe as the standard Fun Flats, so are OK to use and does not effect handling, stiffness, suspension etc.  This seems to be the marketing hype that they are targeting, being you can fit these "Run Flats" to any car with TPS without any problems and you get the benefits they bring.

Has anybody used the Bridgestone Driveguards ?

Thanks in advance.

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