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Duff V6 GM Crank Sensor!

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Well, so much for buying a 'genuine Vauxhall crankshaft sensor from a genuine Vauxhall dealer that you have to genuinely walk into...' My 2.6 began being intermittently reluctant to fire recently, although would crank forever. No EML, so I changed the crank sensor with brand new boxed (sealed) genuine GM sensor bought from Vauxhall. After fitting, it cranked and fired virtually straight way. Happy Days, I thought. Turned off, and after putting the tools away, decided to go for a test drive. Same symptoms  >:( - would crank for ever and a day, but not fire. Checked sensor was fitted in the block square, removed it to make sure no contaminants had got onto it, refitted it, but still nothing. Decided to remove a known used Bosch sensor from a 3.2 which was running well before being laid up for spares (rotten front chassis rails) a few years ago. Fitted it, and it has started everytime. After several test runs, all is well, starting first turn everytime.
I realise sometimes parts are faulty, but you wouldn't expect it from a genuine Vauxhall part bought from a genuine Vauxhall dealer that you .......etc know what I'm saying.
I heard that at some point there was a faulty batch, but this may be fiction?

dave the builder:
that's not good  :(
I've had brand new parts not work before ,very frustrating and leaves you questioning your diagnosis
it's good you had a known good working one to try though  :)
is there any chance of refund or replacement on the new but not working item ?

Nick W:
You've misunderstood the reason for buying a genuine GM part by walking into a dealer.

It's not that it's going to be any more reliable than buying the same sensor that's genuine Bosch/Siemens/whatever, but that your chances of getting a genuine one are much higher. Some haggling means the price shouldn't be much different to a branded part.

The return procedure if it does prove to be faulty should be easier.

We have to accept that this is going to be fairly old stock, although that's more likely to affect parts that contain rubber and plastic like gaskets, seals, HBVs and so on.

Metal case or plastic case on the sensor, 3.2 dont like metal case sensor,, that's my own finding,others may say different.

It was a GM Bosch sensor with an identical Bosch id no as the old one (and the good used GM Bosch sensor) with a plastic head to the sensor itself where the part number is.
I might try my hand at returning it to the dealership as I have a good relationship with them having bought my VX parts there for at least 17 years, but not holding my breath as I bought it at a very good price a couple of years ago with a box full of other 'service items' when they were clearing their shelves of 'out of date' Omega stock. If they can't change it due to the time lapse, then I'm not unduly worried as they have always given me very good discount, but having said that I'm just miffed it was faulty from a sealed genuine VX box, and even more so that I had to do the job effectively 2 1/2 times!!


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