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Duff V6 GM Crank Sensor!

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Just resurrecting this topic for several being an apology to VX  :y for supplying what I thought at the time was a duff crank sensor!! (read back to see why)
My 2.6 started well (whenever I used it) after the saga of just cranking but not firing, with a good used VX sensor (after I'd replaced the new genuine VX sensor).
I had an operation in June which prevented me from driving, so I SORN'D the car, and didn't put it back on the road until last month.
Since then it has been been a bit hit and miss starting - same symptoms :-\.
Cut a long story short, I have now replaced both the fuel pump and fuel injector relays, and since that time it has started first time, everytime. So I can only conclude that although the symptoms were of a failing crank sensor, it appears that issue was a failing relay.
The good point is that I now have a good 'new' spare genuine crank sensor - the only bad thing is I cut the the original sensor on the car before fitting its replacement - the original appears now not to have been the culprit ::)
So although the symptoms may point to a failing crank sensor (which it very often is), for the little time it takes, I will in future check these two relays first...

Doctor Gollum:
The extra cranking may well prematurely kill the relays and pump. But that's a hunch rather than proven fact.

Certainly those relays often fail on lpg equipped cars ime


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