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With the varying fascia adaptors out there, varying colour stereos, varying size (double din), varying car interiors, it is not an easy decision how to best improve on factory fit audio.

So then, whoever has upgraded, lets have this thread dedicated to your solutions.

Please post the final picture of what you've acheived, along with the make / model of what you've used to get there.  Then we should have a nice reference thread so the next person may be able to see what they are looking for and be able to replicate it themselves without making expensive mistakes.

Sony MDX5970 Head Unit, Connects2 DOPS004/5 (needs to be 005) display driver, Autoleads single DIN fascia adaptor, Sony CD changer with mp3 fascility.

To do, replace front speakers with Infinity 605CS and amplifiers. also to get Autoleads PC9 350 Traffic Master adaptor to fit

I am currently having a b!tch of a job getting a double unit to fit.

DO NOT DO NOT go double din!!!!

Shove a nice Alpine unit in there, and get a Vibe Active Sub, I highly reccommend them. Extremely powerfull, Active Sub, has the Amp and Sub in one box.

See the Thread "My ICE Project so far...." - In general chat for pics

Oh btw if you know of a facia adpator that is for double din units for the omega, let me know ASAP.

Cause i am going to have to make one out of MDF

Oh, you mean an adaptor like this?


As for upgrading the ICE in a facelift Omega? Hillper is THE man to speak to.

Done the whole lot, and a damn good job he has made of it. :)

tunnie needs an adapter that takes a double din stereo, not single din. The plastic surround he has fitted doesn't look too bad, just needs a bit of perfecting.

The setup certainly sounds good though :)


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