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ICE on a budget......

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Looking to replace my CAR400 (alright I've had the car over a year and not done it yet!) but i'm on a bit of a budget, so looking for something reasonable, with multichanger and all adapters (MID, steering controls) at lowest cast!

Any suggestions?

Try Ebay

Car 400 is pre facelift

Check the adaptor companies before buying the head unit, see what is available

Yep, eBay.

Just need patience so you'll get the right one.  ;)

I got a Sony CD changer for 30 and a COnnects2 display driver for 20 or so.

WOrth looking at anyway

What is your budget?

For a decent new unit, you really need to pay around 150-200.

Otherwise, as suggested, Ebay is the place.


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