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Leather Seat Heated Seats Issue

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Basically I still have my doubts as to whether my heated front seats work they are connected up and the light on both buttons come on, seats get warm but not sure if they are on might just be body heat. The only heat felt seems to be when sitting on them. >:(

The replacement seats were tested in its original surroundings before removal and they were working.

The rear seats have there individual relays in place would it be worth moving them around.

The old front seats I knew for a fact worked can anyone tell me where the relays are for the front.

I shall be double checking the joins either tonite or tomorrow.

Possible fuse issue maybe.

Any suggestions as to what could be my problem.



In Summer, it can be difficult to tell if they're on, but you should be able to feel them with posterior in-situ.
Check fuse (14).
If that's OK, disconnect the connector and check for voltage.  But it's unlikely that you have the same problem on both sides unless the wiring is different on the new seats.

Grey connector, I believe.

Cheers Hillper  :)

Granted I had to retro fit the memory elecy seat in but the rest connected using the original looms, heated seat connectors were the same shall have to get a piccy later to confirm. :)

The original connectors have the red and brown wires.

Seats were from an N reg and the connector on the seats were the same for my P reg.

Shall check fuse 14 when I get home, just hope its something simple.


--- Quote ---
Shall check fuse 14 when I get home, just hope its something simple.

--- End quote ---

Checked fuse 14 to find the wrong ampage fuse changed and still no joy.

Shall have to re check the connection, I'm guessing corrosion can be a possible problem.

Yes, the next step is to check for power at the connectors.

If there's no power, you'll have to work back towards the switches and fuse box.


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