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What A Way To Go....

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Sir Tigger KC:
Airport baggage handler killed when sucked into aeroplanes jet engine.  :o

Field Marshal Dr. Opti:

Field Marshal Dr. Opti:
....and bloody.

 :o Doesnít bear thinking about, although Iíd imagine it was quick. Not quite on par with man flu but a very serious contender.  ;)

Doctor Gollum:
It would be like walking into a cheese grater.

The actual engine intake might have hoovered up some bits, but the front fan does all the damage until the engine stalls out or the engine is shut down.

I suspect that they were new to the job because there's no business being anywhere near a running engine, especially close enough to be sucked in. The details are pretty vague, but it may be un unavoidable accident... Say they slipped on ice and where sucked over ice, but even then, they would have had to be pretty close to the ingestion area, which is a cardinal sin.

Itís perfectly safe to approach the nose gear area on any aircraft with the engines at idle with the caveat that you approach from ahead of the nose and along the centreline. If only one engine is running then you can approach from the dead side.


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