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Well.. what the hell did they expect to happen?

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Let’s get a squad of cops to watch it doesn’t happen again😱


Doctor Gollum:
Well, it would appear that he used to be a black boy...

Indeed he was  ;D come on though…. Let’s rename every street in the UK I’m sure there is something that will upset somebody in every street..

Just found some black jacks in home bargains😎 bought a pack for old times sake wow ! They taste the same as the last time I ate them probably forty odd years ago😱 going back to Tonypandy tomorrow to buy a substantial stock before the change the bame err…. name👍👍

Field Marshal Dr. Opti:
Nobody really asked for this......but hand-wringing do gooders won't sleep until their work is done.

Cost £186,000 in total.

Utter waste. :-X


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