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top mounts


i started to do a how to but got distracted, if somebody wants to finish it please do so heres the photos.

photos in wrong order me thinks

Nick W:
I've a couple of points:

Be very careful how you pry them apart, as the plastic cases are easy to split.

It's definitely worth doing the job in a small tub - like a takeaway container - as you really don't want to lose any of the balls. Be very critical of the condition of the balls and the tracks. One of mine was very noisy and really shouldn't have been refitted.

New bearings are now available from AllGerman at a very reasonable price, and I would suggest replacement rather than repair. And yes, I have taken my own advice and since replaced both the bearings and the top mounts which are hard to evaluate without a new one to compare.

Heavy duty too mounts are financially a sensible choice... without bearings, they are less than 60 a pair delivered ;)

You'll need the bearings too, but decent ones can be got cheaply enough...


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