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VBOA 2019. Sywell areodrome

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Keith ABS:
 Well, that was a total cluster f#ck.
Sunday night VBOA finally realised site plans.
Excellent we thought, backing on to the jumble.
I would be able to be on the field as well as selling.
Wednesday night, ABS area got moved to almost the bottom.
Friday morning on arrival, our space had been cut by over a half
I was not on the field to see, help out with any issues
We protested strongly to the VBOA that we did not have enough room
I am sorry that you felt so aggrieved that you decided to go home Mr E
The space was not what we usually get and we always have room for additional people, hence us asking OOFers as guests
We have photographic evidence of very large spaces allocated to other clubs that had no cars until the Sunday and very few at that
I don't do mobile internet so this has been the first chance of posting since the event

Mutha Jugs n Speed:
Having attended also,I did think that we were a bit tight on available space,unlike previous venues. That's a big old airfield,but as Keith says there were clubs that had bigger plots and fewer cars,I think they will have to sort this out for next year....that's if we go back there or move on to another venue. :-\


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