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VBOA 2019. Sywell areodrome

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dave the builder:
Does this have to be all weekend to join ABS as a guest  :-\
or is one day parking on the ABS stand available for just saturday or sunday ?
quite fancy VBOA this year in my 2.6 but not all weekend
or should i just buy a day pass and just park where ever  :-\
probably other OOFers may want to do one day too

If I can make it then it would only be for the Sunday as I can't do more than the one day.

Keith ABS:
 The option is for what ever you would like to do
Sunday is the main show day but if saturday is best for you, not a problem

dave the builder:
thank you for the update  :y

Is this the Sywell round the corner from Billing?  Presumably a camping weekend?


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