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I bought this manual 3.0 in September, for cheap knowing it will cost me reasonable amount of money to fix, but I plan to keep it as a summer time car anyway, so the work can be done slowly.
It's driveable, has MOT and more important - I was on a hunt for one of these for a long time.
So here she is

Right away the work started. As any Omega, this one had some rust problems. What I've learned in almost 10 years of Omega ownership is where to find the hidden rust.
If your Omega has foggy windows look for this in driver/passenger side footwell

And fixed with new metal welded in

Removing the carpets revealed another spot

Repaired, new plate welded in and protected

Spare wheell well was also rusty - repaired with new and protected

Front Bose speakers were fubar but I found an audio repair shop that was able to repair both


 The rust on the lower door edges visible on upper pic was also repaired

As usual ::) Glowebox repair

Saggy roofliner repair


It looks like this now

Repairing and adding some sound insulation after I cut it out to check for rust under

Some sound deadening material was added inside all doors

Migv6 le Frog Fan:
Nice work. Do it properly= do it once.  :y


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