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Just got this MV6 2.6 auto

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Mint panel work and interior 125k miles with FSH but sadly an mot failure with usual rot on chassis legs and rear belt anchor points/sill.Not sure what to do. It's a cliche but too good to break  :)

Very nice  :y

Is it still on the original MV6 LSC front and rear springs?

Only got it this morning, no doubt will find out soon.
Might have some in the shed though  :D
have you got a welder or know someone who can do it for you.
when youve worked on 70's 80's cars for years and dealt with the crumbling mess that they can become nothing on an omega would ever write one off corrosion wise unless its a seaside car.(salty air !)
they usually rust on the rear arches,under the sill covers and rear arch lower/ inner section and front inner wings / chassis but its all relatively easy access areas.
if the body is as good as it looks in the pictures its certainly too good to scrap but thats just my opinion.people have srapped less in the past and saved worse so its down to your choice/abilities/friends or finances !

A few sunshine shots



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