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Barn find starts but then stops

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My father's 45k mile 2003 2.6 V6 Omega has sat in its dry garage for the past 6 or so years. It has been turned over from time to time. I've finally got round to dealing with it and hoping to get it through an MOT, use it for a few weeks where we'll have a car out of action and then move it on.

Surprisingly - it started in first turn of the key and reversed happily out if the garage stalling once. On third start it ran fine for a couple of minutes. Then on restart it went back to running fine for 10-15 seconds and then spluttering to a stop.

Yesterday I pumped all the old fuel out and replaced it with fresh petrol but the same symptoms persist. When the car starts the display shows steady c. 0.5 gal/h consumption and as it starts to falter this rises to 1.2-1.4 gal/h. So - wonder if it's over fueling rather than starving.

I've only restarted the car about 3 times after changing the fuel - I don't know how big a reservoir of fuel sits behind the fuel inlet on the engine.

I'm no expert on working on cars - rather short of time - but would appreciate any guidance here on realtively straightforward stuff to try - if only to save a tow to a garage!

Possibly a dirt fuel filter. Maybe fuel pump, should be able to hear it running, if I remember correct there is a filter on it aswell? If you have access to a fuel pressure gauge, see what is happening at the test point on the fuel rail. If you can remove spark plug covers and check condition of plugs.

This would be my first points of call. Someone with alot more knowledge, will hopefully give you some more help. 

Doctor Gollum:
It could be any number of things.

Have a search in the FAQ/Maintenance Guides sections for the Pedal Trick, and see what the car thinks is wrong with it.

You don't say if the car is an estate or a saloon, but make sure that it has at least four gallons of fuel in it and is sitting on level ground.

The fuel consumption gauge is about as accurate as sticking a wet finger in the air to see if it is night time. That said, they do run rich until warmed up (think of it as an electronic choke) in order to heat the cats more quickly, so there is a possibility that shutting it off before it is upto temperature with a settled idle that you have flooded it.  :y

Thanks. It is a saloon and has about 3 gallons of fresh fuel in it and is on level ground. The pump seems to run OK - we used it to empty the old fuel out. It took about 10 minutes to shift 50 litres of old fuel. In terms of flooding - maybe - but it starts immediately on first key turn every time and runs smoothly for about 15 seconds before spluttering to a halt.

Bet filter is gummed up and for a few quid worth changing as 6years worth of old fuel have been sat in it


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