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--- Quote from: STEMO on 27 April 2022, 11:56:23 ---Good knowledge there, Malcolm  :y

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Certainly is :)

dave the builder:

--- Quote from: LC0112G on 27 April 2022, 11:42:13 ---No - there is no ALDL connection to the Carlton ABS unit. I don't think the ABS ALDL connection was implemented until ABS2E systems (late Cavaliers), whereas the Carltons/Senators only had ABS2.  There is/was a special test machine available to VX dealers (it's mentioned in TIS), but I've never seen one.

You basically have to unplug the ABS control unit (under the front passenger seat) and use a voltmeter to probe all the sensors on the wiring harness side. The Haynes circuit is correct for all Carltons/Senators AFAIK. Check the resistances between pins 6&4, 11&21, 8&9, and 24&26. Can't remember what they are supposed to be - a few Kilo-ohms I think. Also check all 8 pins to a chassis earth. They should all be near infinite/open circuit.

Finally, measure the AC voltage between  pins 6&4, 11&21, 8&9, and 24&26 as someone spins the associated wheel (easier if the car is on a 2 post ramp). You should see a voltage generated which reduces back to zero as the wheel slows to a stop.

If it's a faulty sensor, then one (or more) will be different to the others. The other common problem is the ABS surge relay, which is located under the black plastic cover on the ABS modulator (NSF in the engine bay).

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I thought the "surge relay" was the relay with diode inside  in the relay box (near the strut top) in the engine bay  :-\ though it's been a while  :P
2 other relays live under the black plastic cover of the ABS pump itself.
It was common for the relays to have dry solder joints that need re soldering or replacing a diode

Thanks Malcolm :)


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