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Hi all, does anyone know where I can get a Cam belt kit from for a V6 Omega ?, i had one on order from Autodoc, but have just received an email  saying  due to an stock discrepancy they have cancelled  my order ( ie none in stock ) , have tried Eurocar parts and AutoVaux but no luck. I'm being told by all factors that there are none available.  Any help would much appreciated.

dave the builder:
clicky ebay £148.74

as per Gates autocat K035453XS

you can buy the belt and  Deflection/Guide Pulleys separate 

dave the builder:
 ebay £129.99

as per gates auto cat K015453XS

(2.5 3.0 V6 but the belt is the same and you can swap the back plate for the one fitted if it's not the same  )

Thanks for that info, I will look to order this evening.  👍


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