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Would anyone be up for a meet in Lee-on-the-Solent

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Specificly at the Hovercraft Museum. Normal drill is can bring cars onsite, including onto the only remaing cross channel hovercraft. There is a cafe and lots to see. Would be a Sat of our choosing.


Mutha Jugs n Speed:
I'd be up for that, also there are a couple of  Facebook Omega Owners groups who are pretty active. So it may be worth putting feelers out on those as well. :y

Kevin Wood:
I'd be up for that too. :y

Doctor Gollum:
Will be an interesting day out even sans Omega. 8)

My first booze cruise was as a foot passenger on the Dover Calais route.

Bit too far with the price of fuel. I'm willing to send a photo if someone wants to attach it to some lifesize cardboard.


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