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Right Side Xenon Still Lazy althoug new Bulb and New Ballast, MOT Next Week

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The original topic is below in bottom.

Then I changed Ballast in Nov 2022. Unfortunately still right side fires or not. In the morning it Fires but after a while when started again it usually does not. Left side 100% ok. Happens when Day Light Relay tries to fire or when I turn the switch. So perhaps something after this 12V is splitting into 2...

Below is what I learned from original topic reply #6 from TB:

"Just looked at the wiring diagrams, and its only one 12v feed from the daytime running "relay", splitting into 2 just before the fuses
F22 and F31."

What plugs should be checked if those fuses contrlos left and right side? Can this be a Fuse problem? Any relays? I do not have diagrams. And MOT next week. Please help.

Found one schema. If X1 (red arrow) is a connector having wires 96, 104 and 108 latest 108 leading to E10 Head Light Dipped Beam-Right. If fuses are ok perhaps this connector have a problem. Any idea where it is located?

Doctor Gollum:
Remove both kick panels and check the plugs for moisture/corrosion.

X1 should be the larger of the two square plugs on the drivers sides  ;)

Thanks DG, so LH driven car in Finland and Fuse box is in left side  under steering wheel. So that's drivers side for me.  Let' see what I find, I start from fuses although unlikely and continue to kick panels removal.

So left side kick panel off now, never seen so many wires. Maybe 300pc. There are two very large connectors, Green and blue. Green one is larger. Do you mean that I open it? Everything seems neat clean and dry. Never been there earlier. Fuse 31 was ok. Not oxidized. Is there other interesting plus in the right side?


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