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Due to a number of incidents and disputes, which sadly are not in the spirit of OOF, we are having to implement a minimum 250 post limit before starting new threads in this section.

Also, please be aware that the following members have been identified as having a trading dispute (SELLER/BUYER/STATUS):
SELLERBUYERSTATUSIrmscherKris - BANNEDGofwbUNRESOLVED, but banned by adminIrmscherKris - BANNEDdippydaveUNRESOLVED, but banned by adminIrmscherKris - BANNEDIroningboardUNRESOLVED, but banned by adminadsomega - BANNEDtreborUNRESOLVED, but banned by adminadsomega - BANNEDskruntieUNRESOLVED, but banned by adminV6Venom - BANNEDRichBUNRESOLVED - but banned by adminMarkey Mark - BANNEDSteveMJUNRESOLVED, but banned by adminMarkey Mark - BANNEDTigers_GonadsUNRESOLVED, but banned by adminMiggy24Andy_PontUNRESOLVEDv6alexblackviper90210UNRESOLVED 31/5/11 (reported to police)Mr ICE ManShimmyUNRESOLVEDAlbitzcabrat.0121UNRESOLVED - Seller sent part as buyer was desperate, but has not received paymentJimmilcho2005UNRESOLVED

SELLERBUYERSTATUSChris/MutantcavCBS2RESOLVED 25/01/2009adsomegaElitePeteRESOLVED 22/05/2008Chris/MutantCavAmba06128RESOLVED 21/01/2008JulesTheBoyRESOLVED  29/04/2008simon_omegabobbertbearRESOLVED 29/04/2008Chris/MutantCavDozRESOLVED 27/06/08JonArgraigtmxRESOLVED OCT08Markey Mark - BANNEDG84HAMRESOLVED 16/02/2009Markey Mark - BANNEDBlack KnightRESOLVED 8/5/09Markey Mark - BANNEDCameronRESOLVED 1/6/09Markey Mark - BANNEDscottie7275RESOLVED 19/8/09Markey Mark - BANNEDgoing crazyRESOLVED 1/9/09Markey Mark - BANNEDSir Drink-a-LotRESOLVED 2/11/09Chris/MutantCavjohnnycboyRESOLVEDSimon Omega 2coastie123RESOLVED 8/8/10Chris/MutantCavomegodRESOLVED 12/9/10

Would others who have or have had a trading dispute, ongoing or resolved, please advise the Admin/Mod team so that a running list can be maintained, particularly when a dispute is RESOLVED.  thanks


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