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Seat bits before I forget



Stat - 7k cold, 3.5k heated with hairdryer for 30s

Dash switch, 8k (pos 1) to 0.5k (pos 5)  (I need to reconfirm these), OC on pos 0

Seat out, back off, possible to narrow down to back or base.

Seat out, base cushion half off to expose heating controller, possible to diagnose if heaters, stat or controller (assuming switch values and power proved present at seat plugs before removal.

Airbags involved, batt off, so radio code/windows sunroof etc.  Occupancy sensor known to be delicate.

All for facelift leather, clips on cdx cloth appear to be rings on base rather than push fit clips.

controller outboard centre, stat inboard rear

stat pic removed to follow.

Glad that guide makes sense to you :-X :-X ::) ::) :D :D

Good idea to get the info on here though as your memory is rubbish ::)


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