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Next Hoofland curry

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Keith ABS:
When is the next Hoofland Curry?

Added to Calendar by TheBoy
1st December 2018, 7:30ish at Spiceland near Huntingdon.

Further info from the locals, Serek and biggriffin

Alnico Blue:

--- Quote from: Keith ABS   :ylink=topic=143555.msg1875646#msg1875646 date=1537175150 --- When is the next Hoofland curry night happening?

--- End quote ---

My leg injury is much better now  . . . . so would be up for this if it is arranged  :y

But am not available Oct 5 -8       or Nov 2-9    ;)

Mutha Jugs n Speed:
Serek and Big G are always up for it,I am and I would guess Nick W possibly..... Like Al I'm not around on his first set of dates and not back for another week or so after those. Looks like mid November could possibly work :-\

Keith ABS:
 I cant do 8th to 11th November as on NEC duty

I'm interested too, if I can find a suitable gap between hospital appointments and other nasty things!



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