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--- Quote from: terry paget on 07 May 2019, 12:12:36 ---Great photographs, Ian.

--- End quote ---
Thanks Terry - glad you got some group shots in too - nice one :y

Obviously I think its a great venue :P

Thanks to Terbs and Mrs Terbs for organising, and sorting food and drink.  Also thanks to Dave the Builder for all the sugary snacks.

Was nice to see everyone again, and meet some new faces.

Roll on the next one.  Come on, pull yer finger out Terbs ;).

But best of all, Mrs Terbs still hasn't forgiven him over the freezer thing ;D

dave the builder:
It's not easy to see from the photos but 3  :o rare star silver cars made it to the meet .

--- Quote from: TheBoy on 07 May 2019, 17:16:20 ---......
 Mrs Terbs still hasn't forgiven him over the freezer thing ;D

--- End quote ---
anyone can make a mistake ......
I once owned a ford escort  :-[

A big thank you to Tony and Christine for sorting the venue, food and refreshments, and to Dave the Builder for the cakey bits.  :y  It's nice to have somewhere to retreat to and have a cuppa when it gets a bit chilly.  :y

A great meet, good to catch up with everyone again and to meet some new faces.  :y  Good to see RobseyMV6's V8 LS1 close up to appreciate the work involved to get the finished article.  :y

A big thank you to TB and VXL V6 for sorting my radio mute.  :y  Seeing my NCDC in a million bits was quite unnerving.  ;D


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