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So what have you done to your car today?

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Removed 4 doorcards, 4 bose speakers, 3 doors, 1 bootlid, 1 sunroof motor, exhaust from cat back, boot & bonnet lifters, traffic master & ISO plug, heater blower resistor, interior floorpan carpets..............then watched as the scrappy wrapped a chain round it and dumped it on his wagon ;D ;D ;D ;D

Andy B:
Driven the Astra to work & back.
Left the Omega on the drive where it was parked up last Sunday.

Darth Loo-knee:
Your welcome Youth  :y

I had my brake disc & pads arrive yesterday, so this afternoon decided to get them fitted.
Started at front drivers side, found on the 4 pot calipers 2 pistons were seized. So removed the caliper, stripped it, rebuilt it, then decided to spray them Gold. . paint rubbed off sprayed and fitted. .  Only three more to do tomorrow  :D

Sat in the sun and looked at it. ;D

Dishevelled Den:
Replaced rear discs and pads. 

Serviced and adjusted handbrake - bastid heat-shields and even more bastidy cable adjusting nut >:(

Replaced cam sensor and scoped out innards for belt and pump replacement as soon as me joints have calmed down. ;D :y


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