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JPAT Automatic Gearbox spares Discount.


JPAT specialise in providing gearbox parts for automatic transmissions.

Please note, they do not do gearbox repairs.

OOF members can get a discount by sending an email to stating the gearbox type (ie, GM AR25/35), parts required (can be got from their website), and quoting the discount code VA06.  Once you have agreed and submitted the order via email, you can quickly phone them with payment details.

They are not able to provide discounts via phone sadly.

unlucky alf:
just to add TB,when i set this up the guy said that they can fully refurbish torque converters for 100, but he didnt say if this was before or after discount, either way it doesnt sound bad does it ;).

Up to 50% of refurbed TC's, bring them down to around 100 ish.

Other parts have more modest discounts, but every little helps :y


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