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General Discussion Area / Outage tis week
« on: 21 February 2021, 19:29:29 »
Need a slightly longer than normal outage tis week to do some patching.  The nature of this set of patches means its a bit more than the usual apply and reboot.

Not sure when yet though

General Discussion Area / DIY fanatics
« on: 21 February 2021, 12:50:08 »
Ideally, what I need is one of those plastic crates used a lot in warehousing etc.  But as I can't find one of a suitable size, looks like I need to make something.

Will probably use a wooden frame with hardboard sides, to try to keep the weight down, unless anybody has better ideas?

Now, because what it carries is liable to be very dirty and very wet, and it will get chucked on the back seat of the car or in the boot, I wanted to seal it, so was looking for a paint that wouldn't rub off too easily, and would hold make it completely waterproof and now able to leak.

Unless somebody knows where I can get a fairly sturdy plastic crate with internal dimensions of 620mm x 480mm and 220-250mm high ?  The dimensions can be slightly bigger, obviously, but would like to keep the size sensible.

General Car Chat / My paintwork, WTF
« on: 20 February 2021, 14:04:24 »
See pic (linked so you can see in original resolution, and zoom in).  WTF?

General Discussion Area / Top marks to DTM
« on: 16 February 2021, 12:15:16 »
He recommended (and supplied and posted) some allen keys for me a while back, as I was having some dreadful trouble removing some allen screws from some brand new RC cars.

Well, today, I was stripping one of mine so I can get the chassis in a vice after it lost* a fight with a kerb a week or 2 ago.  Even after applying a shead load of heat, it was being stubborn.  So I broke out the Wera ones, and really leant on it to undo them, which they did perfectly.

Thanks for the recommendation (and the running around to pick them up and get them to me, which was above and beyond).  Brilliant bits of kit.

*well, maybe a draw, as the kerb sustained a fair whack of damage

General Discussion Area / Re: Bloody b Bastard
« on: 05 February 2021, 10:01:58 »
I have just actually cottoned on to thread title  >:(

Its not acceptable, and further infringements will result in action, that sort of racism is not tolerated here  >:(

Whilst I deplore the comments of the subject of the thread, his colour should have no bearing on it.  Would it be any different if a white geezer said it? I hope not.

Whilst nobody minds a bit of banter, I think the title overstepped the line.  If you want to be outwardly racist, sexist, whatever-ist beyond light banter, then please free free to opps off elsewhere.  OOF does not welcome this  >:(

And before everyone PMs me with leftie liberal woke abuse, remember my political views mean I am all for the mass cull, but wouldnt do it along race/religion/sex/age lines...   ...Hitler tried that, its proven not to work.  Thats hardly liberal.

General Discussion Area / Calling ornithologists
« on: 11 January 2021, 08:46:16 »
Being a country boy, I should be better at ornithology, but my misspent youth was looking at other forms of bird.

Can anyone identify the bird in the clip *Warning 275Mb*

I was thinking either a red kite or a kestrel, but could be wide of the mark  :-[

General Discussion Area / Where is everyone coming from
« on: 01 January 2021, 18:34:52 »
Looks like Brakkers is in for yet another >10% increase in houses. Where the hell are all these people coming from?  This is unsustainable to keep losing farmland to houses.  Although even if it was not Greenfield, same applies, the country doesn't have the resources to support all these people.

Mass cull needed, methinks.

General Discussion Area / crApple
« on: 24 December 2020, 13:03:10 »
Now, normally, I would say Apple's support is OK.  But the fikcin' eedjit I got this morning when I finally got around to calling them over my G key....

I accept the need to try all the reboots, safe boot, and wiping the NVRAM, so held out much patience. These are hoops you have to jump through to prove its a hardware fault.

But to try booking me in on the 31st to the Winchester shop to see a spotty useless fanboy Genius Bar Engineer...
"No, I can't do that, firstly because UK rules say that I am not allowed to enter Winchester after Boxing Day, secondly your shop will be shut, and thirdly its a 160m round trip"
"Sir, the shop is open and taking appointments"
"No, Mr Applle, your shop is in Hampshire, and is required by law to close from the 26th December"
"Sir, there are appointments, so they will be open"
"Trust me, they won't. And even if Apple does become essential retail, the law prohibits me from visiting that area. Can we do by post?"
"Yes sir, that will be 399, which we will refund if its covered by the warranty"
"OK, when does the warranty on my keyboard run out?"
"Sir, I don't know"
"Surely, from the serial number you can find out?"
"No sir, my internet is restricted, can you go to Google and find out?"
"Not without a G key, no"
"Ok sir, shall I book you in for 31st of December, in Winchester"

I suppose I will have to call back and hope to get a biff who has some grasp of English.  Because I aint paying them 400 to fix a keyboard due to their crap butterfly design, until they confirm it is covered by the extended warranty they added due to said crap design.  The laptop (MacBook Pro 2017, i7, 16Gb RAM, 500Gb storage) aint worth 400.  I wouldn't pay 40 for it.

I am right that Winchester is in Hampshire, thus is Tier 4 from Boxing Day? 

General Discussion Area / Amazon. Bless 'em
« on: 18 December 2020, 18:57:06 »
So I watch the latest Grand Tour yesterday.  And this morning to an email from Amazon suggesting I should watch the latest Grand Tour.

Clearly the left hand really does know what the right hand is doing.

General Discussion Area / Its getting further away!
« on: 05 December 2020, 17:22:09 »
A parcel I ordered, allegedly from a UK warehouse, a week ago finally showed up on UPS' tracking site on Thursday, and was in Nottingham (presumably flown into East Mids from jolly foreigner land).

This morning its in Preston.

Its getting further away from me ;D

General Discussion Area / Serious Jockin'
« on: 03 December 2020, 18:43:41 »
I fell like Steve Wright.  The G key on my stupid Mac has stopped working.

I get a feeling crApple have been forced to fix their laptop keyboards for free outside warranty, due to them being so crap. But that means having to book it in with them, then driving over to Milton Keynes.

Can I be arsed?

General Discussion Area / Cuts
« on: 03 December 2020, 18:40:39 »
I've managed, over the past few days, to keep cutting my hands, some through shear stupidity (a wide spatular into a finger due to the way I was holding something), some unexpected accidents by unexpected edges.

I must be getting old, as they keep hurting.  I managed to get some isopropanol into one of the cuts earlier, that made me yelp.

General Car Chat / Admiral warning
« on: 24 November 2020, 18:34:47 »
One to catch you out.

If you have a fully comp policy with Admiral, you may not necessarily have cover to driver other cars, as they put a whole load of restrictions on.

In Mrs TB's case, on the Multicar policy we took out, she was the Policy Holder for TBE.  However, as she is not the registered keeper of TBE - I am - this meant she was not insured to drive other cars.

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