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Omega Gallery / Omega2.5 DTI project
« on: 26 September 2020, 22:39:14 »
Hi guys, it's been a while.
After owning lots of different cars, i came back to Omega..
This one is 2002. 2.5 DTI (M57 110 kw BMW engine) 266k km on the clock, no faults no black or blue smoke on the exhaust, usual rust on dors and back wheel arches. Only two trim items missing are electro folding mirrors, telephone and rear but heaters.
Front arms need replacement ( boughted new), probably mufler(s) and that' it
One owner since new, 70year old guy who hasn't been able to drive for a while. She was sitting near Belgrade.I took it for a price of a new I phone, covered 800 km to see what needs to be done.
Now she is going to bee parked, she'l get total respray ( considering OPC Arden Blue), entherior rebuild, fitting original windscreen with UV protection and rain sensor, and some Irmscher bumpers ( if I manage to negotiate a good deal).
Plan is to buy another donor Omega for lot's of little things that need to be changed ( carpets, plastic trims, lights)
Also considering Keskin KT5 wheels.
In past years I owned lots of different cars ( E 300TD, Lancia Thesis 2.0T, Signum, Vectra, Peugeot 607, A6 2.0TDI Sline, etc) and none of them make me feel good while driving like Omega.
I'll try to post updates as I progres.

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Fl hedlights removal
« on: 26 July 2011, 18:41:34 »
Is there any ''how to'' guide for hedlight removal on facelift with xenons?? I'm trying to figure out why auto beam levelig isn't working. I unbolted two bolts on top of the headlight and that pin beside, but I don't see is there anything below???

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / 2DIN navigation HU
« on: 05 February 2011, 15:52:29 »
Does anyone know is there on the market any double din head units with navigation, dvd etc that can be used in Omega. I would like to replace my foulty ccr 2006 but not to loose stearing wheel button functions. I saw some unis for astra/vectra, that have this, but not for omega??

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Electro-folding mirrors
« on: 21 January 2011, 18:30:27 »
Hi everyone! I nodiced that my 'mega has electro-folding mirrors button but it doesn't work. It is possible that whole keypad was changed , and probably my car doesn't have that option. what is the best way to check it, and what doo I need to make my mirrors fold electricly. Cheers!!!

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Childseat sensor location
« on: 26 November 2010, 12:38:59 »
Can anyone tell me how to locate childseat sensor on 2001 fl omega?? I conected "My Naff Code Reader" and it shows this sensor malfunction, so i'm planing to find it and try to clean it first, and if that doesn't help i'll have to replace it. I've been looking under passenger seat, but there are also wires of electric seat, heater, belt tensoners, so i am not sure what to unplug. . .   

Omega General Help / Throttle Position Sensor problem.
« on: 12 August 2011, 10:01:43 »
Can someone help me?? My Omega started to run verry bad, I read fault codes and I got these :
P0120-Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Circuit 1 Voltage Low
P1120 - Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor 1 Low Input
P1550 - Electronic Throttle Control Reduced Power
Where should I start from? Does this mean? Faulty sensors?

Omega General Help / Boot dampers
« on: 04 August 2011, 14:23:07 »
Is it posible to replace factory dampers that open boot with someting stronger? I would like to be able to open the boot totaly buy a buttonr inside, or a key ( something like on the S-class or   new Škoda Superb..).

Omega General Help / Handbrake cover replacement
« on: 06 July 2011, 13:24:14 »
Could anyone give me a ''how to'' guide for handbrake cover replacing? I'm not sure how to remove old one and not to brake someting. Pictures would bee nice  :)And sorry if this vas explained allready, I didn't see it. Cheeres! :y

Omega General Help / Car unlocks itself??
« on: 15 December 2010, 22:05:10 »
Today I tryed to lock my car, and it unlock itself after couple of seconds. . . I dont drive it cause of snowing, i just gone to take something from the boot , and when I tryed to lock it it unlocks [smiley=angry.gif] I tryed to lock it by key without remote and nothing's changed. At last I had to lock it from inside door by door. . . Any ideas??? Mayby just because of weather?? I checked bonet, doors windows and boot in case i let something opened and I didn't. ..  Silly thing but very annoying....

Omega General Help / Coil pack bolts
« on: 14 December 2010, 13:27:05 »
Hi there! Can anyone tell me how could I find Coli pack torx bolts for z22xe: I Didn't get it with the car, coil pack is just inserted inside. Does anyone Know what kind of bolts would fit??  :y

Omega General Help / Cleaning door cards
« on: 14 December 2010, 11:46:23 »
Does enyone know how could I clean that black rubbered layer on door cards?? , I think i saw a topic abouth that but I can't find it!  :y

Omega General Help / Diference between Z22XE and X20XEV engine
« on: 09 November 2010, 16:20:25 »
Can anyone tell me main differences between this two engines. I connected my omega to the "My Naff Code Reader", and it shows that my engine type is z22xe. So i am in dilema, is it posible that cpu was changed, or something else??? This engines are wery similar so it is posible that it is just registrated ass 2.0 because taxes cost much less.. . .

Newbie Welcome Area / Greeting From Serbia!!!
« on: 24 October 2010, 20:52:43 »
Hello! My name is Ivan, i am from Serbia: I own 2001 Omega 2.0 16V. I came here to learn more about this fantastic car and meet some more people with same love to this vehicle :y

General Car Chat / Buick Lacrosse
« on: 26 July 2011, 18:50:49 »
Have you seen one of these??
As Buick Regal is basicly rebadged Insignia, is it posible that this ( or something similar) could be new Omega???

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