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Omega General Help / Re: Cleaning headlamps - best options please?
« on: 18 August 2009, 22:39:27 »
Hello guys! You can use XERAPOL product wich is a polish for plastics and abrasive tape 2000. To see the results, see the link

After 2 years I came with the result from my problem: it was the rings from one piston (no. 2) and finally the engine was running on oil (7000 rpms, no  engine stopping, radiator exploded, etc.) and melted the piston. ::) So, if you have the simptoms described by me, please be carefull  :-/

HEllo! I'm from Romania and I have a problem with my car, an OMEGA 2.2 dth diesel estate version. The problem is with the start of the engine. Since I bought it, 2 years ago, I had difficuties starting it, and when she starts, it idles erraticaly for a few seconds, then is ok. But from a month ago it starts very difficult and when it starts, it idles more and more erraticaly, whith smuglings and a lot of white-grey smoke in the back, and the it stops. I have cdone the followings:
- cleaned and verified for presure the fuel tank connections and hoses from the fuel tank-fuel filter container (changed entirely) to the high pressure injection pump;
- changed the PRESSURE VALVE from the HIGH PRESSURE INJECTION PUMP (fuel-return);
- changed the fuel-return hoses with the "T" connections;
- cleaned and verified the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (E.G.R.) Valve and is working I guess;
- changer the Mass Air Flow sensor (same type BOSCH)
- cleaned the admision where the EGR valve is.

The MAF sensor I had changed because of an error code dysplayed on "My Naff Code Reader" test.
I had noticed that when I took off the EGR valve from the admision colector, the engine starts very good, and the EGR valve seems to work properly because I saw the piston to compress (connected to the vacuum hose and positioned to the windscreen to see her), but then idles erraticaly with a lot of smoke, especially brown-black smoke comming from the hole where the EGR valve piston works, and then stops.  In my contry, particularly in my city, none of the service centers could resolve my problem, invoking the solutions presented up. If anyone can help me because I'm despered!!!

Omega General Help / Re: WHAT HOSE IS THIS...
« on: 24 April 2009, 18:51:17 »
I agree with you, I guess too, because other hose from the scheme does not resemble except nr. 14.  But I want to know exactly because I must place an order and it comes only on original part.

Omega General Help / Re: WHAT HOSE IS THIS...
« on: 24 April 2009, 15:29:15 »
Thanks guys, but I will apreciate the one that is willing to write me the part number. I will wait untill tomorrow and I will place the order to the dealer.

Omega General Help / WHAT HOSE IS THIS...
« on: 24 April 2009, 14:31:57 »
Hi everyone! Does anyone know what hose is this and what part number has, because the local dealers didn't find it. My Omega is a diesel Y22DTH, 88kw. Thanks in advance!

Omega Gallery / Re: MY "QUEEN"
« on: 18 April 2011, 12:47:13 »
Enough, enough now.....  :-/
;D why man, it's my Omega :) but hey, I removed the steering wheel cover :)

BTW, thanks guys for your support :)

Omega Gallery / Re: MY "QUEEN"
« on: 16 April 2011, 21:18:07 »
Ok, so as you can all see I stocked a thin black line along the sides of the car, a metal fuel cap cover...

... a steering cover with wood accents and an electronic antenna connected with the roof one :)

Omega Gallery / Re: MY "QUEEN"
« on: 14 April 2011, 15:55:52 »
Ok, so I decided to make my Omega a little more comfy :)
Applied real leather to the handbrake lever and under (ensured with double addhesive tape), gearshift and on the centre armrest.

so this is the final result

Also installed D.R.L. made by PHILIPS, based on Luxeon Lumileds so they are very bright :)

Also, this weekend will come a rear roof eleron, hope you like it  ;D

THANK YOU ALL guys for your support and appreciation  :)

Omega Gallery / Re: MY "QUEEN"
« on: 25 January 2011, 16:52:55 »
This is the remote control from the massage and heated driver's seat, I must put a sticker to each button's function, meanwhile...

Omega Gallery / Re: MY "QUEEN"
« on: 20 January 2011, 21:07:39 »
Thanks allot ! :)
I've also painted in black the interior of the headlight and removed also the CCFL neon because the light beam was refracted :)

also I aquired a HAMA Picollino USB charger that fits exactly in the cigar socket and looks cool :) the connectors look gold-platted

this little thing outputs via USB port 5 V and 650 mA sufficient for any mobile phone/mp3 player/ or electronic cigar :P

i've had also putted a rubber seal on doors for protection, and it stays dry even after washing in the winter :)

An overall image of the whole beauty: H.U.D., Nokia Bluetooth carkit with A2DP profile, GoClever PNA device running MioPocket interface suite 4.0 , details in here

I made a clip several days ago, so I must renew it with the NEW LOOK

P.S.: how can I embed a Youtube Clip?

Omega Gallery / Re: MY "QUEEN"
« on: 20 January 2011, 19:56:35 »
We, the owners of Omega, encourage you to come join us on this unique group ;) We share photos, videos, informations about this wonderfull car, the Opel Omega :D

Join us in our group on Facebook at!/home.php?sk=group_157037797668854&view=members

Omega Gallery / Re: MY "QUEEN"
« on: 02 January 2011, 16:30:10 »
Yep, so I have conducted a series of tests for mounting to my mig a night vision system, very simple, but very usefull and cheap in the same time (if you have an old video camera with night vision capabilities and a monitor). Here are two links witch describe some of the functionalities of the system
I personally find this system very usefull in my contry, because at night, even on European roads, there are drunk men, bicyclists, and chariots not signalised.
So, the big question is that you find this system usefull or not, and with arguments. Thanks for your time!

Aren't there any drunk women in Romania? Seems a shame.... [smiley=laugh.gif]

Yes, we have also drunk womens, but generally they are young and spent most of the time in discos/clubs  :o

Omega Gallery / Re: MY "QUEEN"
« on: 01 January 2011, 20:11:13 »
I made a youtube clip from several stages to the actual result..well, it is not quite the final, you understand that :D

Hope you like it guys :D Wait for you comments ;)
Happy new year 2011!

Omega Gallery / Re: MY "QUEEN"
« on: 27 December 2010, 21:20:33 »
10x m8  x25dt :) I have also removed the orange filter from the climate controls unit to let the real GREEN display shine. I will continue my style with a black paint in the headlight ( I have also CCFL neons inside them , in the High beam projector-will post pics) and many more effects :D

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