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Is this a load of rubbish, or is it a possibility?
I feel sure I've read about this somewhere and people were not impressed.
I can't see how it works.
Any ideas?

General Discussion Area / Re: Useless DVLA
« on: 16 March 2008, 16:01:32 »
Got my new V5 in 2 weeks, and a letter to say I was no longer responsible for my old car. Perhaps they are :-/

General Discussion Area / Re: Etch a Sketch: Faulty?
« on: 16 March 2008, 16:42:38 »
Mattel Inc.: Tech Support Enquiry:

Dear Sir or Madam,
Having received one of your "Etch a Sketch" products (build verson 1.01) recently as a 'retro/humourous' Birthday-gift, I am disappointed to discover it appears to be faulty.
I have tried to telephone your tech-support line on numerous occasions but the lines are always busy; I assume because of many-other similarly faulty units!, I write this in the hope of e.mail support.

The fault on my unit exhibits itself in a number of ways:
Firstly, I often cannot make the unit progress beyond the 'welcome' screen; the unit often just 'hangs' with the display in simple graphical interface mode (B & W VGA-mode)......Fiddling with the controls at that stage will only produce a 'mouse-trailed cursor'; `none of the exciting images/pictures shown on the unit`s delivery packaging...."very disappointing!"

Despite successive re-boots I have been unable to make the unit perform as described.....I find this situation upsetting and I`m sorry to admit that I have (in frustration) shaken the unit, which interestingly, revealed the possible cause of the fault: the unit re-boots instantly upon being shaken; obviously a loose wire/connection within the device.
There is an audible rattle from the device when shaken; surely also pointing towards the presence of a loose component within.

I find it noteworthy that on the "Etch a Sketch" packaging the device is described as "Child`s play: so easy a 4 year old can use it", as a 47 year old, finding myself unable to make use of your device I find those hyperbolic claims hard to stomach.
I also have been dismayed to discover the woeful lack of instructions to accompany the unit; not even a mention of which operating system it uses or even any fault flow chart guidance!....this aspect of your product surely requires a complete "shake-up"

The two rotary controls on my "Etch a Sketch" appear to only serve one function; to move the cursor in the X and Y axis.
I assumed they should be multi-function intuitive interface controls, perhaps opening the wireless mode, disc burning and voice recognition features.
In a eureka-moment of lucidity, I thought perhaps I had been given the touchscreen version and proceeded to try and access "safe mode" during boot by repeatedly tapping the screen; sadly however this only produced a dirty screen and a broken fingernail; yet more disappointment! :'(

I`d heard great things from other users of your product an having aspired to ownership since my youth, I am deeply saddened to have one that`s so obviously faulty: perhaps making it`s utility more a`kin of a Raspberry rather than a Blackberry!

In line with other suppliers of technology I assume you offer an 'on site warranty' should a visit from a qualified engineer prove necessary?......however, in this first instance I would hope that you will be able to offer tech-advice which will enable me to use the device without recourse to a repair call.

I look forward to receiving your kind attention.
Yours sincerely,


You don't look it! ::) ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: 3 amigos
« on: 16 March 2008, 16:38:12 »
just to update,the elite has gone,so just the other 2 to go now.unless i decide to sell my w reg 2.5 cdx.
Life is tough... decisions decisions! :-/ :-/ :-/

General Discussion Area / Re: Any diesel experts here
« on: 14 March 2008, 20:57:07 »
Nobody has mentioned it, but it may be an injector dribbling rather than spraying.

General Discussion Area / Re: The cheapest cruise control
« on: 13 March 2008, 06:36:07 »
Nah ... the bill is in the post ... 2515:47p ..... :)
and don't forget VAT! ;D ;D >:(

General Discussion Area / Re: The Mistress.....
« on: 12 March 2008, 07:21:00 »
Nice one Debs!! I hope its not true

General Discussion Area / Thanks to Timbuk
« on: 12 March 2008, 07:00:36 »
Just a note to thank Timbuk for turning out in the evening to meet me at his unit to collect a couple of doors. I can't imagine a scrapyard doing this.
Just another example of the good guys on this website!
If you need Omega bits in the Midlands, give him a try.
Thanks again
Simon.  :y

General Discussion Area / Re: 10 ebay coupon
« on: 08 March 2008, 20:38:17 »
I got 7.50 via email for being a wonderful
they've never met me though  ;D

Imagination is better than seeing sometimes
 ::) ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Holts TyreWeld?
« on: 24 February 2008, 06:15:13 »
I've used Tyreweld, I was struggling to get wheel nuts off. Eventually the wheel did blow up enough to get home, but as previously mentioned it scrapped the tyre and valve. The tyre fitter said the stuff was a nightmare for them but it did save me a garage call out fee to remove the wheel nuts.
PS the nuts had been fitted by an over zealous tyre fitter.

General Discussion Area / Re: in love
« on: 24 February 2008, 13:13:39 »
If only  ;D  :y

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