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Author Topic: How to Repair Facelift Climate Control Issue DRIVERSIDE  (Read 5956 times)

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Hi Guys and Girls,

Ever since i got my CDX ive never had a functioning Heater for the Driverside - It worked but i had only one heat setting ICE COLD!! (so the air con works  ::) )

I see an earlier Maintenence guide for the Passangerside but then that side was working on mine it was the Driver that was getting blumen cold!

So this is how i cured it

First i started by putting the Front seats on there Lowest Height setting, Furthest position back with the back support at the furthest it will go.

Now comes the most awquard bit trying to lay upside down in the driverside footwell Good Luck! but when you find the right spot to lay in you can be there till your done  :y

Now remove the Footwell Kick Panel by removing the 3 Retaining clips by simply twisting them a quater of a turn

Next step is two remove the kickpanel fuse cover which is simply on push clips, open the fuse box lid fully and simply prise off at the base where the two clips join the dash

Like so

Now you can gain access to main areas but you need to remove the feet heater plenum chamber which is simply held in by one fixing plastic retaining clip remove this and the whole chamber will come out in your hand simply by turning

You will now see a Plastic cap with a single torx head screw visible the Plastic Cap simply pulls off (trust me it does)

Here is the Climate Control matrix control valve motor (as told by Vauxhall) there is several higher up which control the electronic positioning e.g. Windscreen/Face/Feet and Recirculate
This CCMCV is Slightly larger than the others and in a completly different location as it is controlling the Air Temperature feed to The Driverside

Now Here comes the fiddily bit, remove both little retaining Torx screws which hold the CCMCV to its housing (These are Silver in colour) BUT LEAVE THE PLUG PLUGGED IN.

Once removed the Motor should fall out of its housing now i wedged the hanging motor and wiring between the join in the Dash/Centre Console just to hold the wiring out of the way.

Now remove the 3 Gold Torx Head screws on the housing (bigger head) they all look like this (two are visible the last 3rd one is towards the centre console) once removed you will reveal the Matrix Air Temperature Control Arm

Now it will become quite apparent that something is obviously wrong because youll see the black MATCA is not attached to the Yellow Cradle Arm attached to the back of Housing, (as seen in the back of the above picture)

I Simply removed the Metal Controling rod relocation the arm on the Yellow Cradle Arm(as seen in the back of the above picture) which is simply just a push through hole and relocated both plastic arms back together again and then repeated the removal procedure but in reverse  :o ::) :-X

Hope this is simple enough :-X its easier when its infront of you  :y ;)
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  • I might have a link, pic or part number for that
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Re: How to Repair Facelift Climate Control Issue DRIVERSIDE
« Reply #1 on: 28 March 2014, 23:23:39 »

Pic of motor in situ with arm attached
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