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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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Author Topic: Wanted, front seat floor bolts.  (Read 691 times)

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Re: Wanted, front seat floor bolts.
« Reply #30 on: 03 February 2021, 23:39:30 »

You always have to have the last word ......except of course in the instances where you are shown to be actually wrong, and remarkably then you go quiet and don't respond, with no acceptance that you might actually be (God forbid) incorrect......
With an attitude like that, I'm surprised people ever to return to this Forum...... I am a member of two other Forums, and I have never experienced anyone as abrupt and condescending, with new members searching for advice being regularly 'put down' quite embarrassingly so.
To try and assist another member, I removed the two seat rail to floor mounting bolts on a Elite and a CDX, to establish whether they were the same length or different, and posted my findings on here. The fact is that they are the same length - well the proof is in the four bolts in front of me.... actually owning an Omega to physically check these queries is beneficial, of course...
So, obviously, the bolts for the front seat height adjuster motor (11093931) are the same bolts for the seat runner / rail to floor mounting - obviously....
And, yes, I can read....and no, I don't claim to know everything....
2002 3.2 Elite saloon, 2003 3.2 Elite estate, 2003 2.6 Elite saloon
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