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 on: Today at 18:18:49 
Started by Migv6 - Last post by TheBoy
I would say any compressor running off a 13A socket and a £50 impact gun isn't going to remove a wheelbolt that's been on a while without a lot of effort.

I have a 50l, 3HP, 14cfm compressor and a Clarke Professional impact wrench, and my £100 bare Wnak&Decker* battery impact wrench is every bit as good, and far more usable, and less faff.  That often still needs a breaker, but does spin them off quicker.

I also have the Clarke/Sealey/CheapskateChinky cordless 450Nm jobbie....   ....and that's shite.


 on: Today at 18:09:50 
Started by Lizzie Zoom - Last post by TheBoy
A mate had a hatchback pre frog eyed one, and it was a nice enough place to be a passenger.  His was underpowered, though I forget which engine it had, and we've long since lost touch  :'(. The low power and heavy car made it a less satisfying car to drive.

Bro had a proper Grandad for a while, Mk2 2.8i Ghia, which was a very nice car to driven around in in its day, and went well (by the then standards). It was just too unreliable, so he replaced it with a Chavalier SRi 130, which as we know was bombproof.

 on: Today at 18:02:58 
Started by BazaJT - Last post by TheBoy
I donít think it makes a jot of difference to todayís drivers. Most of them have never driven a RWD car and itís probably way down the list of what they look for.
Traditionally RWD could offer better comfort, as didn't need to be rock hard in order to get the power down.  Then when all the FWD boyz started getting RWD, they wanted them rock hard.  Now all BMW (in particular) are too stiff, and coupled with the silly ultra low profile tyres that are wicked innit, there almost becomes little point.

I still get pleasure driving RWD (and I don't mean hanging the arse out all the time, I'm getting a bit old for that), but when I eventually slow down, a larger FWD saloon would probably suffice.

 on: Today at 17:58:50 
Started by BazaJT - Last post by TheBoy
XF-S means full fat engine, could have optional sports seats. Probably around £10k depending on miles

The 2017 version I drove for a week came with 300BHP and 516lb ft of twist.

Quite nippy albeit over a narrow rev band.
Yeah, all the 3.0d's became 300bhp a couple of years ago. I believe they entirely dropped the half arsed 230bhp 3.0d. And rightly so, as it was pointless.

 on: Today at 17:57:55 
Started by Lizzie Zoom - Last post by hotel21
The Scorpio before the fugly bug eye was a very comfy and entirely chuckable car from a Trafpol point of view. Preferred the hatch to the saloon but both had very comfortable seats, especially the compilots one on motorway night Shift!  ::)

 on: Today at 17:55:40 
Started by biggriffin - Last post by TheBoy
Why don't they just sell stuff at a reasonable price in the first place rather than offering stuff at various discounted price deals?
Because (to quote a well respected figure in the retail industry) "the British public are stupid", when he was talking about Boxing Day sales.

 on: Today at 17:53:44 
Started by Lagondanet - Last post by TheBoy
Sure I saw Webby this morning..
What was his 0-60?

 on: Today at 17:51:20 
Started by Mutha Jugs n Speed - Last post by Mutha Jugs n Speed
I don't fancy going up to WIM,and was just wondering wether anyone here has had a four wheel alignment done on their Omega with this equipment. I'm interested as I've just had an MOT advisory for slight wear on the inner edges on the front tyres, and as they have done minimal mileage I'm a bit pee'd off at having to replace them so quickly.Any feedback would be much appreciated and iirc didn't someone offer up some alternative settings....could have been Dr G or Chris G :-\

 on: Today at 17:14:10 
Started by TD - Last post by TD
Why not usb? and don't think I could replace the wifi in the notebook as its probably built in.....

Not many peeps around here maybe using 5Gbz thats why i thought maybe a good idea  :-\
The WiFi antenna in the USB is a small compromise antenna designed to fit inside for portability (probably a PCB printed design type), where as the Lappy will have a tailor made design which is normally designed for the antenna cable to run around the Screen Lid making so much more sensitive to Receive and Transmit the WiFi Signal, you may need to check your device is compatible with a 5Ghz type.

5Ghz may give you a shorter signal range in a bigger House, if it was me first thing I would be doing is checking what channels are being used by what on your existing 2.4Ghz set up first, theres plenty of Apps out there which will do this.

I would only use it on my notebook, which usually sits 10 feet away from the router in the same room, everything else would stay on 2.4Ghz. For the kit connected upstairs, they use powerline adaptors.

 on: Today at 17:10:22 
Started by TD - Last post by Kevin Wood
Also worth bearing in mind that, if you change the adaptor inside the laptop, its existing antenna might not work too well at 5 GHz. ;)

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