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 on: Today at 06:31:27 
Started by mantaray - Last post by grifter
Found similar with my 2.6, occasionally it would take ages to change up. Other times it would change up and down like a sports car. I'd guess first step is check oil level and condition. Mine was fine but I reckon the box behaves like this as it controlled by computer and is adaptive. I find sometime I have to take revs up to 5500rpm and then it will change up.

 on: Today at 05:08:20 
Started by TheBoy - Last post by Rods2
I think you lot need to get out more!  :)

I certainly do, like Saturday night's St Georges dinner dance down at my local social club. :y A first class 3 course roast beef meal with half a bottle of wine for 20 followed by a great disco with plenty of dancing and dancing partners. :y A good time had by all. :y

I'm sure the 23rd as St Georges day will be celebrated by wall-to-wall coverage by BBC England like they do with BBC Scotland, BBC Wales & BBC NI with their patron saints. ??? ??? ???

 on: Today at 00:36:34 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by Doctor Gollum

 on: Today at 00:17:42 
Started by Andy H - Last post by JamesV6CDX
Only thinking out loud, but, if it didn't lose / force out coolant, and didn't boil over, and was still running with no power loss, etc etc etc......

Is there a possibility the temperature sensor was telling porkies (false warning?)

Maybe worth starting it from cold, and comparing the temperatures in the live data to the gauge and the "actual" temperature?

If it were me, from what you've described, I would change the stat, and use the car alone semi locally for a week or so and see how it behaves
You've done the pump, so if you do the stat too - there isn't much left, cooling wise, that will cause significant overheating, save for a big blockage or head / gasket trouble (which seems unlikely with how quick it happened, and how quick you caught it).


As for over 2 hours on the hard shoulder of a motorway, with kids in the car, before being recovered, that stinks   >:(

 on: Yesterday at 23:44:59 
Started by Varche - Last post by Varche
Anyone using this and if so have you won any money?

 on: Yesterday at 23:30:03 
Started by omegajohn - Last post by raywilb
just need to know for definite if its a 27mm socket i need to get and i am sure someone here will know
  I have a couple , one of them is for No 4 which has the cutaway slot. if you need them let me know :y

 on: Yesterday at 23:18:13 
Started by TheBoy - Last post by Sir Tigger QC
I think you lot need to get out more!  :)

 on: Yesterday at 23:16:08 
Started by raywilb - Last post by VXL V6
Just on a side note, if the tensioner is knackered on a 2.2DTi I strongly suggest you take a good look at the rubber damper area of the crank pulley.

 on: Yesterday at 23:10:14 
Started by raywilb - Last post by raywilb
last week7 he  I paid a guy for work on my mig which he never did. I looked up mobile mechanics in the area I now live & one turned up. he was meant to change the power steering pump & put on a new aux belt. he did discover the tensioner was fubbered too, I paid him just for his labour which consisted of 1/2 hr one day. left when he realised it needed a tensioner which we couldn't get until the next morning. the next day he turned up & as I had to be somewhere so I left the agreed sum with my wife. she told me 20mins after he turned up he was asking to be paid. all he had done was the tensioner & aux belt.  when I rang him & asked why he hadn't renewed the pump his answer was it didn't need one the pump was not operating right cos of the tensioner not doing its job. I told him the steering was still knacked his reply was give the new belt time to bed in. also he suggested that I could even try a slightly smaller belt.  >:( >:(

 on: Yesterday at 23:01:37 
Started by mantaray - Last post by mantaray
The Omega was used today to collect a car from, 140 miles each way on dual carriageway/motorway averaging around 55-60mph.

On the way down, with an empty trailer, she seemed to not want to change up to top gear, and was sitting around 3500rpm, she would occasionally change up and the rpm would drop to around 2500, but before long she would change down again and up the revs went. This resulted in very poor MPG.

On the return journey, however, with a loaded trailer, she returned to normal and sat at 2500rpm most of the time, only changing down on a steep hill, and even dropped the revs to 2000 at one stage.

Any help into what may have caused this would be of great help.


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