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General Discussion Area / Re: Sky Q hub
« on: Today at 11:31:53 »
Don't tell BT. ::)

Omega General Help / Re: torque convertor lock up
« on: Today at 11:30:03 »
How does torque convertor lock-up work, is it mechanical or electronic?
Also, when I had a Carlton, I thought that it had lock-up on 3rd as well - or am I misremembering?


It's both. It's a mechanical clutch that connects the torque converter input shaft to the output. It's hydraulically operated, but the hydraulic fluid is controlled by an electrical valve.

Omegas lock up in 3rd and 4th by default. They will apparently also lock up in 2nd if the transmission gets hot (e.g. when towing) although I've never noticed it happen.

General Discussion Area / Re: Sky Q hub
« on: Today at 11:21:39 »
Until we're all streaming 4k to multiple devices and then people will be retro-fitting ethernet to their homes ::)

Yep, can't beat a bit of wet string. :y

Bit of a shame that's all we have for the incoming connection to the house, but there we are.

General Car Chat / Re: On the A303......
« on: Today at 11:02:36 »
And here's me thinking all us OOFers were fine upstanding law abiding citizens ::) That'll learn ya to drive a bit more sedately like what that TB fella does :o :o ;D
Aye, I'm a model citizen.  I've always had a clean licence, and not been on a speed awareness course.  Just call me Mr Perfect.

//TB goes off and touches wood

Yeah, me too. Does the IKEA wood on this desk count? ::)

Omega General Help / Re: torque convertor lock up
« on: Yesterday at 17:39:37 »
Easy way to tell is to move the throttle a little. If the revs respond the torque converter is still in line. If the revs stay related to road speed it's locked up.

General Discussion Area / Re: Windrush
« on: Yesterday at 00:23:38 »
Probably the best chance we have ever had to deport Dianne Abbott ;D
Every cloud...

Oh . . . . don't I (we) wish   ::)

Just what hold has she got on Corbyn that keeps her in her shadow cabinet job ? Maybe some juicy tales, or even some pictures   :D AAAaaargh the mind boggles. But seriously, who else would still be in the job after her constant hi-viz stupidity. Is he still givin' her one ?

I don't feel very well. :(

Ignored it while I drove the roller skate to work and the bicycle to the pub. The journey back up the hill has left me smarting a bit. Seems I'm out of condition following the winter. :-[

Oh, and my Omega's air con is fubar too. Not sure I care right now. ;D

General Car Chat / Re: Putins new limo
« on: Yesterday at 00:18:16 »
Hmm. Nice. No footballer's wife should be without one. ::)

General Car Chat / Re: waiting for AA recovery
« on: Yesterday at 00:15:39 »
Most thermostats need to be in a pan of vigourously boiling water to open any more than a little bit, IME. Yours sounds pretty much par for the course.

Coolant won't boil until 115-120 degrees C if it's under pressure and has a decent antifreeze concentration so i'm sure it'd be substantially open before that.

Is the coolant cap OK? Does the system pressurise as it heats up?

General Discussion Area / Re: Windrush
« on: 19 April 2018, 09:24:23 »
TM on being questioned about it said in the House that it came to light under Labours watch

Keith ABS

So the Tories have had 8 years to sort it out, but have done nothing or have done things to make the situation worse.  ::)

I have no problem with the so called 'hostile environment' for illegal immigrants, but it seems to me that the Home Office has been going after elderly people who are easy targets.  There was a lady deported to Singapore last year after living here for years with her British husband and had two adult children who were born and brought up here.  She had no family or friends there and arrived with a suitcase.  :(

Meanwhile in the news a few days ago (The Mail IIRC as the Guardian or BBC don't report such things) a Romanian man charged with rape skips bail in Romania and comes to the UK.  He is allowed in, but is later arrested under a European Arrest Warrant issued by the Romanian authorities as they want their man to face justice.  :y  The courts here reject the request to send him back as Romanian prisons don't come up to scratch and might breach his human rights!  They set him free and grant him leave to remain in the UK!  >:(

Make you proud to be British dosn't it?  ???

Thereby lies the problem. These officials are probably given targets in terms of the number they manage to deport each year hence the presumption of guilt. Old dears who have been here for years are easier to "process" than shifty Romanian criminals, so who do they go for to meet these targets? ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Engine recall
« on: 18 April 2018, 23:35:37 »
At least they have put their hands up and admitted it. If it were BMW, VAG, etc. it'd be "that'll be 3k for a new engine, sir".

.. and another salient point from this: ALWAYS have your seat belt fastened unless you have to be in the loo. ;)

If bad things are going to happen, I'd rather stay strapped to something, even if it's not a complete aeroplane. :o

On a serious note, I think it's actually statistically safest to be in the rear as the tail section is prone to breaking off and having a less exciting time of it in the collision. Besides, that's where they put the black boxes and ELT.

Out of interest where is the safest place to be on a plane if you have to travel? I always try for near the front. partly as it is less noisy and partly down to having better air than at the rear .

In the cockpit.
On your own.
With the engine left on the ground (or let someone else fly with it 50m ahead).


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