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Heading home from work this morning on a single lane road which is a bit of a shortcut. I knew it was cold, so on a downhill section where the road was obviously wet I dabbed the brakes to check for ice. All was well so carried on as normal at 30ish mph.
As I started on the following uphill section I noticed a car approaching from the top, about 40 - 50 yards away, doing around the same speed as me.
I braked and was shocked and stunned as the car suddenly carried on as though I hadn't ! The road was like an ice rink.
Both cars were sliding towards each other at unabated speed with no room to pass, and I was certain I was about to have a big accident in a car with no airbags.
There were trees on the n/s and am 18 inch high bank on the o/s. Options were limited and the big accident was getting closer by the millisecond.
I started steering to the right, but the bank was in the way, but just before the two cars met head on , I must have steered into a bit of banking which was slightly lower and my car jumped up onto the bank. I was still sure our near sides would whack one another, but somehow they didn't.
I was then sliding along the wide grass verge on top of the bank with a deep ditch to my o/s until I saw another gap in the bank where I could steer the car back onto the road.
The biggest brown trouser moment I have had in many years. Going by the speed of my heartbeat afterwards, I think Im much too old for this kind of thing now.
It used to be fun in a perverse way, but its just scary now. ::)

General Car Chat / Got a compliment today.
« on: 29 December 2017, 17:54:33 »
In Sainsburys car park, just taking my trolley back and a bloke got out of his car and started talking to me. Initial thought was he was one of those nutters you encounters at supermarkets, but he wanted to tell me how nice my Omega looked for a 15 year old car, and how I wouldn't get as good a car nowadays no matter how much money I spend.
It made my "washing and drying it properly" attitude seem more worthwhile, although I suppose he might have been just one of those nutters you encounter at supermarkets.  :)

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Headlight adjuster wanted.
« on: 25 November 2017, 21:27:03 »
Anyone got any spare aluminium headlight adjusters gathering dust ?
I need at least one, but will happily buy a pair if they are available.

General Car Chat / MOT today.
« on: 23 November 2017, 16:16:01 »
Failed on a sidelight bulb, which I should have checked before I went, but I have manflu, so I'm excused.
Also failed on play in a balljoint. This was disappointing as I fitted a new pair (TRW) 6k miles ago.
Question is, do VX do replacement ball joints ?, as originally they were riveted onto the wishbones. If they do sell them anyone know how much they cost ?
If VX don't sell them, or they are silly expensive, any recommendations on other brands please.
Also one of my headlights was slightly on the high side and didn't really respond to adjustment. I suspect broken adjusters. Do we still have a source of good quality replacements ?

General Discussion Area / Mugabe.
« on: 19 November 2017, 13:14:45 »
He had a good run, but it looks like his time is finally up. His party have dismissed him as leader, and it is currently being announced that  his wife and her gang of enforcers are to be prosecuted.
It should have happened a long time ago, but there is still some justice in this world.

General Discussion Area / PESCO. Anyone know about it ?
« on: 09 November 2017, 19:45:28 »
It doesn't seem to be getting much media coverage.  ::)

General Discussion Area / Replacement for Photobucket ?
« on: 03 November 2017, 20:29:18 »
Now that PB charges a vital internal organ or two to host photos etc. is there an alternative free site to use for uploading pics to OOF and similar sites.  :-\

General Discussion Area / Red Robbo id dead.
« on: 31 October 2017, 14:24:58 »

If he had hung on a bit longer, Corbyn might be in number 10, and would likely have given him a full state funeral.  ;D

General Discussion Area / F1 - Hamilton.
« on: 30 October 2017, 20:24:43 »
I know hes a bit of a Marmite character for some, but can anyone deny now, that he is one of the all time greats ?
His driving this season has been flawless, and even Vettel driving into his rear tyre yesterday to try and take him out of the race didn't stop him winning his fourth Championship.
My own personal opinion is that he is in the top three drivers that I have seen, which means of the last 40 years or so.

General Discussion Area / Plastic roads.
« on: 28 October 2017, 15:27:46 »
Just saw on the news that the powers that be are testing a new surface which is a mixture of recycled plastic and asphalt.
My first thought is about a lack of adhesion in the wet. I hope they have thought this through.   ::)

General Car Chat / Rear discs.
« on: 16 October 2017, 20:11:54 »
Going to need a new pair soon for my 3.2. I assume VX is still the best option ? Anyone know the current price for a pair on TC.
Ive long since forgotten the TC login details - again.  ::)

General Discussion Area / ABS membership fee.
« on: 16 October 2017, 18:25:19 »
Had a letter a while back saying my subs were due. It didn't seem to say how how to pay though. Anyone know how I can give them some money ?  :D

General Car Chat / And so it starts.....
« on: 16 October 2017, 17:08:16 »
PSA have announced 400 redundancies at Vauxhall Ellesmere port. May well be the beginning of the end of Vauxhall.
Sad really, but it might be time someone put it out of its misery.  :(

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