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 on: Today at 02:27:20 
Started by iZirk - Last post by Enceladus
Before every later Omega owner starts getting exited, there is only one UK Omega model that is officially Euro 4 compliant...

2003 2.2 16v Petrol Manual.

Good luck finding one ;D
The VCA database says that Model Year 2003 2.2 16V Petrol Auto & Manual are Euro 4. All other MY 2003 Omegas are Euro 3. (A4 = automatic 4 speed gearbox and M5 = manual 5 speed gearbox.) Model Year does not directly map to year of first registration or actual year of manufacture. Some MY2003s may well have been manufactured and registered in 2002.

VAUXHALL Omega, MY 2003   2.2 16v 4 door Saloon From VIN: W0L0VBF6931000001   A4   2198   Petrol   248
VAUXHALL Omega, MY 2003   2.2 16v 5 door Estate From VIN: W0L0VBF3531000001   A4   2198   Petrol   252
VAUXHALL Omega, MY 2003   2.2 16v 4 door Saloon From VIN: W0L0VBF6931000001   M5   2198   Petrol   231
VAUXHALL Omega, MY 2003   2.2 16v 5 door Estate From VIN: W0L0VBF3531000001   M5   2198   Petrol   236

 on: Today at 01:36:53 
Started by BazaJT - Last post by Rods2
Sounds like it will save a fortune on launch costs. Just kick it off an Inverness cliff it will topple over the edge of the disc that forms the northern side of earth and be in space. ::) ::) ::)

 on: Today at 01:32:58 
Started by Shackeng - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Anna RyderRichardson of failed zoo fame is currently flogging conservatory roof insulation panels on the tellybox :y

 on: Today at 01:29:45 
Started by Sir Tigger QC - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Get a W212... Less prone to undercarriage rot than the W211 ;)

 on: Today at 01:02:09 
Started by terry paget - Last post by Sir Tigger QC
Mundano!  :y

 on: Today at 00:42:37 
Started by Webby the Bear - Last post by Enceladus
The exhausts are the same except that 3.0 has twin tail pipes on the back box and 2.5 has just the one. GM factory originals with the nice pipe are no longer available. And all of the after market ones have a plain pipe. You can get after-market tail pipe embellishments if you feel the need.

The seller linked to earlier that had the 3.0 version doesn't seem to have a 2.5 single pipe kit for a 2.5 saloon, they do for the estate. However they do sell all the parts separately including the 2.5 back box.

I got a one of these complete 2.5 V6 exhaust from a German seller a couple of years ago. It was fine. Thicker metal than I expected and it fitted perfectly. Made an offer and got it for £80 delivered. Took about a week to get here. This current seller seems to be Polish so not the seller I used, but the exhaust seems to be the same.

Of slight concern is that since then there is a lot less choice on ebay. And the price has gone up.

 on: Yesterday at 22:58:34 
Started by Sir Tigger QC - Last post by tunnie
You lot aint helping, the Wife is a Merc fan for some reason.  :-\

I'd probably not get something crazy like CL500 though, despite wanting one, probably go all sensible and 'dad mode' and get Facelifted W211 E320 CDI estate.

Although who knows what they will do with London ULEZ, just a minor change to current 2021 plans mean big changes in my choice of commuter hack.

 on: Yesterday at 22:52:25 
Started by Webby the Bear - Last post by tunnie
Ps I notice that the backbox in the image has twin tail pipe. Is there any linky with a single fatter tail pipe. I've had the twin before and thought it looked shit  :'(

Twin exit shown as that's 3.0 one, search for 2.5.  :y

 on: Yesterday at 22:49:50 
Started by Shackeng - Last post by tunnie
I have a conservatory, I insulated the walls etc l, with kingspan stuff, added proper radiator.

Problem is conservatoryís are shite, foundations tend to be crap and floor is not insulated either. Itís like trying to heat a kitchen cullender.

Iím now favouring bulldozing it and building a proper extension.

Mine has proper foundations, 100mm insulated floor, underfloor heating, and radiators, (I was site foreman), but of course still loses heat through the double glazing. There are several companies offering either internal, effectively, ceilings, or external insulated roof panels. :y

Sounds better than mine then, I did look at replacement roofs either whole and tiled type or panels. Mine is double glazed roof.

Seriously expensive for what they are, If foundations are strong enough it would probably be similar price to build normal extension, they are that pricey!

Conservatories should be banned in my view, horrible things. Hate mine with a passion.

 on: Yesterday at 22:35:35 
Started by Varche - Last post by VXL V6
My Son and I are restoring one - the underground post not the aircraft obs post.  :y

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