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 on: Yesterday at 18:05:55 
Started by Gaffers - Last post by TheBoy
Saw an advert for here:

XF Petrol, £286 for 3 years, with 10k miles.

Additional £43 for servicing, which includes tyres & service.

Quite reasonable actually.
And an extra £2.5k initial rental ;)

Bro was offered an mid spec Octavia for a 2yr/20k lease, total was £4k over the 2 years (plus servicing/tyres/tax/insurance etc).  But the silly fool has not long signed up for yet another S Class parts bin.

 on: Yesterday at 18:05:37 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by Varche
Here in Spain the tradesperson still has a niche so folk pay for a plumber or a mechanic.

The exception is builder. All Spanish men are expert builders. You have to laugh at the walls built on slopes on sloping foundations and so on.

 on: Yesterday at 17:59:30 
Started by Varche - Last post by Varche
There's an ROC post a couple of miles from me on some farm land.

Popped in to Hack Green nuclear bunker the weekend before last. Well worth a visit if you're passing and they have quite a bit on info. on the cold war ROC bunkers there.

No thanks, I once spent a few days deep underground in a hideous bunker as part of some armageddon exercise.

It was actually Bargain Hunt. Great for us oldies to shout “too much” “walk away” while munching lunch. I know you younger folk just have a sandwich on the run between deals.

 on: Yesterday at 17:59:24 
Started by TheBoy - Last post by TheBoy
Sat nav error, can't trust them.😂
You jest, but the stupid handheld ones can easily get the wrong direction after stopping for any reason, eg traffic, and won't correct until its convinced of direction of movement.  During this time, it can give duff instructions.  They should be banned.

 on: Yesterday at 17:57:05 
Started by TheBoy - Last post by TheBoy
I don't think my Mum, 82, has ever done more than reapply (bar the courses and fines etc for being a naughty girl).

But then, my dear old mum is a better driver than most I encounter on the road.

 on: Yesterday at 17:54:40 
Started by JamesV6CDX - Last post by JamesV6CDX
Lpg kit for v6 please for a reasonable price :y

 on: Yesterday at 17:54:12 
Started by jimmy944 - Last post by Sir Tigger QC
An older ML with MoT is about a fifth of that ;)

And it will give you so much trouble that you'll wish that you'd bought a Disco 2, which is not only properly capable but you can actually get underneath the damn thing!  ;D

 on: Yesterday at 17:51:55 
Started by Shackeng - Last post by Varche
There you go then. Great business opportunity for such a loco! You just need a catchy name , an annual upfront fee per rescue loco, few standby drivers. Could be a money spinner for rail preservation trusts.

PS who runs and owns locos that pull freight trains.................?

 on: Yesterday at 17:50:45 
Started by Sir Tigger QC - Last post by TheBoy
I'd be concerned about parts cost though and DIY work.
Main dealer parts are usually quite reasonable, and most people can blag discounts anyway.  I've found MB and BMW to be very reasonable on parts and accessories, even undiscounted.

 on: Yesterday at 17:47:23 
Started by Gaffers - Last post by jimmy944
I'm not sure what the difference would be, you either take the hit directly on lease or indirectly in the depreciation of your asset.  :-\

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