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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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Does he now have tinterweb? :D
I CBA to set it up, he can sort that. I just drank tea ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Mobile Phones
« on: Today at 12:46:44 »
That would also include single crewed Police and Paramedics for a start...
Yup.  Although I would like to think their levels of awareness are better then Joe Public.

.... he'd chuck her out the back!
Before or after?

Any port in a storm, and all that.

TB owns up to not having read article etc, so no idea if the silly bint is worth a squirt or is a double bag job.

General Discussion Area / Re: Mobile Phones
« on: Today at 12:42:25 »
Except hands free operation is legal and, in some lines of work, essential.
That should not be the case. Granted, handsfree still means you have both hands, but ultimately you are still distracted.

Those lines of work need to seriously take an inward look...

General Discussion Area / Re: Mobile Phones
« on: Today at 12:40:26 »
If a copper sees you doing anything that they consider is distracting you, they can pull you. Coffee included.

But when did you last see a copper?  ;D
Strangely enough, yesterday on the hard shoulder of the M40. A plain BMW and a (modern liveried) jam sandwich sandwiching a car with not a rizla gap between.  I assume they had just done a manoeuvre on said sandwiched car.

General Discussion Area / Re: Mobile Phones
« on: Today at 12:36:22 »
No excuse for the govt not to mandate that all new cars have mobile phone 'jammers' fitted to the steering wheel air bag. If the ignition is on, then the mobile phone would not work if within 3 feet of the centre of the steering wheel. Job Jobbed. Next.
But then every driver would need a radio transmission licence like the main mobile firms.  Hence, jammers are illegal here.

Yes it would require legislation, but it doesn't need to be a real 'jammer' in the military sense. It needs to be the equivalent of a very low power wifi hotspot. If the driver turns the phone on, it connects to the nearest 3G/4G/5G 'network' - which is the steering wheel - which just dumps all the packets.

Similar system could be used to secure prisons. I just don't understand why the govt don't allow such 'jammers' in these and similar secure sites.

Who says that the prisons donít have a form of jammer? ::)
Prisons break many laws, by necessity, and just pay the fines.

For example, the fire brigade checks will always flag up that the firedoors don't allow proper escape, and also that in the event of a fire alarm, the main exits should be available for evacuation....

General Discussion Area / Re: F1 possible spoiler.
« on: Today at 12:32:53 »
You probably know my thoughts on Schu. He was a dangerous driver and a serial cheat. The only time we know he wasn't driving a bent car was when he drove for Mercedes, and he was a midfield runner, who got outdriven by young Rosberg at every track.
Not being Ferrari F1's biggest fan, I always felt that they got away with a lot more than they should have.

But Schumacher did show his talents in the Benetton (in addition to his bad tempered arrogance), so I think was probably the best driver of that Schumacher era. Hill in the Williams and then Hakkinen in the McLaren only got close due to far superior cars IMHO. Schumacher was another king of changing conditions.

I don't think, attitude/arrogance wise, Schumacher and Hamilton are that far apart TBH.  We've seen similar temper tantrums from Hamilton remember.  Hamilton is better at publicity and getting people on his side though - jumping out of car and pointing/signalling to fans etc, and mentioning that during interviews.

Schumacher was out of the game for too long to make a comeback - the cars had changed too much, and his fitness must have also been an issue.

Filled the Battlebus up with Tesco's finest, with 10ppl off, then popped in to see how that reprobate Terbs was settling into his new home in Brakkers.

General Discussion Area / Re: Mobile Phones
« on: Today at 10:18:53 »
Ginsters or Greggs?
It's too long ago now to remember, but my usual routine was to grab a pasty from Motozas bakery on the way to my first job....

...Greggs wouldn't know how to make a pie if my Gran watched over them telling them what to do.

in addition, because they are always on and running on semi dry screens, the noise from traditional blades is enough to drive you insane, even before they are worn.

I buy the GM ones by the boxful for the ABS club shop
As did I when I had my MV6. Sadly, TBE has those stupid sensors, so gets the hopeless aeros.

Why do rain sensors mean different wipers are needed ?  ???
The Omega ones spot a spec of rain in the air from 500 miles away, so the bloody things are always going on a semi-dry screen.  So the things are shagged in no time :(

General Discussion Area / Re: F1 possible spoiler.
« on: Today at 09:55:27 »
I think Villeneuve (Snr) and Mansell had big balls, Senna had a special feel for the car.  And all 3 had that absolute desire to win at any cost, always (perhaps could be said the same for Shithead Sch as well, though not always for the same reasons), and had immense skill. All, including Shithead Sch could go hell for leather for the entire race.

Hamilton has the desire to always win, and is pretty handy in changing conditions. Current era opponents certainly lack the former, and those in top cars lack the latter.  But obviously now its not about racing, as tyre management comes into it far too much, meaning we never see anyone try flat out for 200m

General Discussion Area / Re: Mobile Phones
« on: Today at 09:47:31 »
I once got a tug from PC Plod as I was scoffing a pasty, and endured a telling off.  I ate enough humble pie as well, so no issues. But I did raise how was my pasty dangerous, but a fag wasn't, to which he replied about both hands on the wheel when smoking.

I suppose now smoking is socially unacceptable, by argument would be why is a pie dangerous, but drinking coffee, as sold by all filling stations, acceptable.

Commerical for Windoze - I use Acronis.

Freebie for most x86 style filesystems, use dd at the device level (could do at partition level if you then rebuild or clone partition table and boot sector)

However, if sectors are bad* then you'll probably need professional recovery.

*bad in that the drive has been unable to remap it successfully.  *ALL* drives have bad sectors.

But I'd always rebuild a Windows desktop, rather than fanny around.

The mystery is why anyone would want to shag that in the first place! :o

Opti would, I'm sure. And if Sir Tig could get her in the back of his Marina....

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