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General Discussion Area / Re: Next doors phones & tablets
« on: 31 October 2018, 09:59:10 »
Sounds dodgy to me. Not sure why they would be visible in Windows (other than as unpaired wireless devices)  if they aren't connected to your router, but, then again, Windows. ::)

General Car Chat / Re: Company car advice
« on: 31 October 2018, 09:53:54 »
;D ;D

I at least will have a practical use in the launching and recovery of my boat and tips to the trip over the next year or so.

FTFY. One 1000 kg load and I can't see them letting you back on site. ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Paper is dead .... ?
« on: 30 October 2018, 21:58:45 »
I make lovely flapjacks and brownies.......


I dread to think what goes on behind closed doors at the local 'Chinky' or kebab shop. :-X
I learnt recently that nearly half of these promoted Take Aways on Just Eat and Uber Food sites have really Poor or Zero Hygiene Ratings that are given by the Local Councils  :o as its a good way for these type of Business to Trade due to a poor normal Walk In Customers.  :(
If you can't be @rsed to look beyond a crAPP on your phone when purchasing a meal, you deserve what you end up with. ::)

General Car Chat / Re: Company car advice
« on: 30 October 2018, 16:56:24 »
With the financials I have worked out it really is a no-brainer.  Unless the Navara is a real POS to drive then I cannot see me going with anything else.  If only the Model 3 was available, with the BIK going down to around 500 quid in 18 months and with the 100% write-down on CT it makes it a very appealing proposition.

How long does it take a Navara to rust in two these days? ;)

What about if you keep reversing it into the sea?  :o

Omega General Help / Re: Replacing microswitch in door actuator
« on: 30 October 2018, 10:38:05 »
I find it helps to insert a thin plastic strip under each of the latches on the black cover of the locking motor before pulling it off. Something like a strip cut from an old credit card will do the trick.. but it does tend to be fiddly however you do it.

Omega General Help / Re: Omega's new feature
« on: 30 October 2018, 09:36:30 »
To deal with the smell, you could try extending the outlet from the catch tank down under the car with another section of pipe. This is how I have it plumbed on my kit car.

Also check that the scuttle panel is well sealed where the two haves join and at the join between scuttle and bonnet, as the ventilation system shouldn't be drawing in air from under the bonnet.

General Car Chat / Re: Midrange Omega tyres
« on: 30 October 2018, 09:25:15 »
No experience apparently of Toyos on here ?

I used to run Toyo Proxes T1R's on mine. They were fine for stopping grip, wet or dry, good at speed (apparently )  ::) and if I recall correctly the different tread pattern made them quite good in the snow.
The downside was that they were quite soft and wore out quicker than others I've had. I'm currently running Goodyear Eagles (which need replacing) but this is the third set I've had that have split in the tread grooves.
Currently trying to justify PS 4's but having done some pretty impressive big stops in the wet with the Goodyears I'm still not sure.  :-\

Yeah thereís a lot of bad reviews re premature wear and poor wet grip. Not what Iím looking for I believe. Itís a shame cos I can get them decent prices

The T1R is a real "Marmite" tyre. Some swear by them, many hate them. I put a set on Emma's MX 5 and I'd say they are fun when pressing on in the dry but a nightmare in the wet. Ultimate grip level is not that high but they have quite soft sidewalls which means they give loads of "feel" close to the limits which allows you to explore them. The downside is that this impacts stability.

In the wet they are the opposite - unpredictable and not very inspiring of confidence.

Knowing how the Omega responds to tyres that promote instability, there's no way in a million years I'd put them on an Omega.

Actually, I wouldn't buy another set for any car, TBH.

Omega General Help / Re: Omega's new feature
« on: 29 October 2018, 09:53:17 »
You're going to get some of that, unfortunately.

The standard crankcase breather system keeps some movement of air through the crankcase under all driving conditions so water vapour from combustion gets purged from the engine. Even still, you can get a little mayo forming when the car is used for short trips.

With a catch tank, all that can happen is that piston blow-by gases can escape via the catch tank but there is no purging of moisture from the crankcase. Not a problem if the car does mainly long trips where everything gets nice and hot and the moisture can eventually evaporate, but it will be more prone to mayo when pottering around.

More regular oil changes might help to an extent.

Omega General Help / Re: Rear pass side break kine
« on: 28 October 2018, 13:01:34 »

I have not read that towing a car on the highway is illegal. If a car has no brakes, it should be the towing car.

How about putting your hand in your pocket & get the car recovered .....
Seems the obvious thing to do to me. :-\

General Discussion Area / Re: Topping conifers
« on: 27 October 2018, 10:51:19 »
I've got a hedge trimmer attachment for my Ryobi petrol strimmer and I find it rather heavy. It doesn't need the power for 90% of jobs so I tend to find a little mains electric one easier.

General Car Chat / Re: Rolla Garage Door
« on: 26 October 2018, 11:56:59 »
Not sure how you'd secure a manual one either.

But.. if you don't need all the radio control gubbins and are happy with a switch in the house / garage to operate it, you then don't need the remote control and obstruction detection malarkey which would make it a bit cheaper.

Omega General Help / Re: What car should I buy?
« on: 26 October 2018, 00:46:32 »
So do I. I feel sorry for youngsters who have never experienced driving quickly in a rwd car.

Yes they will never know the delight of a Morris Marina 1800TC Coupe!  :y

He did say driving quickly. What's to miss about having your @rse chewing through the driver's seat while trying to grapple with the prehistoric suspension??

General Discussion Area / Re: aldi tyre inflator
« on: 26 October 2018, 00:40:51 »
Count yourself lucky, Tig. I get adverts for "Meet 40 something ladies"! I swear, I don't know what caused it.

Not just one or two, 40 something ! Where does one get the time for so many?

Not to mention the energy. :o

General Car Chat / Re: Rolla Garage Door
« on: 26 October 2018, 00:35:36 »
I think you get what you pay for. Then again, if it's only a storage space rather than vehicle access you might decide you don't need the best, and don't need wireless control systems and the safety sensors and stuff they require to be compliant.

I have a Securoglide, which are reckoned to be among the best. Was just north of £1k fitted IIRC.

Omega General Help / Re: What car should I buy?
« on: 25 October 2018, 19:05:43 »

4.4 V8 with RWD for grand, that's my kinda banger.
You will spend your entire life trying to find where all the fluids are escaping from.  Actually, as you say you don't have time to maintain cars (and that 4.4 lump needs lovin'), you'll be paying someone a fortune keeping that going.
Yes, at least with the Omega it's only the rust you've got to worry about and it's not a mechanical basket case on top.

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