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Omega General Help / Re: Air con low pressure pipe hot
« on: 04 July 2018, 16:54:12 »
In addition, the expansion valve in an Omega is temperature controlled to prevent the evaporator from icing up and to provide variable cooling to suit the ambient temperature. They have been known to fail.

But: Until you know that the system is dry, gas tight and has the correct mass of refrigerant in it, all bets are off. The only way to achieve this is to get it vacuumed out and refilled.

General Discussion Area / Re: Moors fire
« on: 04 July 2018, 16:22:18 »
Lanolin, a component of many moisturisers, often triggers the explosive detection equipment.  Cabin crews are repeatedly warned about it but many forget.

So the question for Mr Aaron is; What was moisturiser doing near your laptop?  ::)

I swear that stain was there when I got the laptop.
"Came" with the browser history, too, I suppose? ;D

Omega General Help / Re: Drain torque converter
« on: 04 July 2018, 16:07:16 »
Pretty much all automatic gearboxes are the same and I've never seen one where you can drain the torque converter. If you hold a TC in your hand it becomes pretty clear why that's the case.

About the best thing you can do is replace the fluid you can get to, then flush the transmission with clean fluid via the fluid cooler lines. I have a theory that the AR35 returns fluid from the TC via the cooler lines. If/when I CBA to change my fluid I might test that theory. ;D

On the other hand, a partial fluid change is better than nothing, and it's the best any autobox gets, even if it's not declared to be "sealed for life".

General Car Chat / Re: Newish car service TLC sundries
« on: 03 July 2018, 10:04:29 »
I would say all of the above are snake oil except the brake fluid change. That probably is genuinely in the service schedule for every 2 years and is worthwhile IMHO. Regardless of how it is used, it absorbs water and, if the fluid gets too bad, you'll suffer more expensive issues eventually.

General Discussion Area / Re: Heat - Exploding Fuel Tanks
« on: 02 July 2018, 20:34:06 »
I should scan the picture from the most recent Cobra Club magazine.. at the recent european meet one of the Daytona owners had fuel pouring out of the vent pipe when the steel fuel tank got hot enough for it's contents to expand significantly.. ;D whoops!

Yep, first lesson of Kit car ownership. If you're going to brim the tank when it's hot, do it at the start of a journey, not at the end. ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: My new favourite beer.
« on: 29 June 2018, 09:47:45 »
Sounds nice. Not sure I'd have drunk TheBoy's pee to go, but not knocking it. ;D

General Car Chat / Re: Another huge thanks to Daz!
« on: 28 June 2018, 20:44:31 »
In fact going see James Arthur next month... if your interested like xx
Oh no, DLK is trying to groom me  :'(


Sounds like a date to me. :y

.. followed by a romantic Naga for two at Tiffins? :D

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 28 June 2018, 13:53:32 »
A splash of factor 15 and you'll be fine :D

Add a zero on the end and you might be right ;D
There's always Baco foil. :y

Oh, hang on, where's the mind bleach? :o

There must be an island that needs a bridge nearby


I think that would ruin it. ;)

Besides, it would be no fun without having to travel on this rolly-poly old tub.

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 28 June 2018, 12:00:54 »
Taken big blue for an air con regas....will it hold is the question?

Ahh, that reminds me... Not that I've been driving it much recently. :)

General Discussion Area / Re: Bees Nest
« on: 28 June 2018, 11:59:47 »
At least this time he's not testing it in his Gar<cough!> :-X

General Discussion Area / Re: Moors fire
« on: 28 June 2018, 11:58:11 »
That would certainly explain it. :y

It would be better used as a bridge to somewhere, so getting double use out of it,

Yep, that would sound useful, until you realise you can either use it to get to Cardiff or to Weston--super-Mare. :-\

General Discussion Area / Re: Moors fire
« on: 28 June 2018, 11:29:21 »
There was something kicking off near Andover on Saturday. I meant to check for news stories. I was out in the glider and there was a curtain of smoke stretching from there to the south coast. Doesn't take much now everything's tinder dry.

General Discussion Area / Re: Bees Nest
« on: 28 June 2018, 11:24:25 »
Sounds like I need to be ready for them if they return, then.

I have a hankering for a new toy. I wonder if TheBoy could knock me up one of these? 8)

Reckon that'd learn the bstrds. :y

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