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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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 on: Yesterday at 16:50:41 
Started by sambo omega NI - Last post by sambo omega NI
Pre facelift Saloon am after have a pre facelift estate here and facelift estate thanks Sam

 on: Yesterday at 16:47:22 
Started by Jimbob - Last post by LC0112G
Which pads have you cleaned up? The pads in the rear calipers, or the handbrake shoes inside the drums?

I'd be replacing the handbrake shoes before attacking the bearings. The bearings make a rumbling sound IME. And yes, the bearings are a git to change.

 on: Yesterday at 16:44:38 
Started by Jimbob - Last post by amba
On my old Elite it was very evident when you applied more load to 1 side than the other ..either by steering at around 40/50mph or when turning at similar speed.

Agree with not whishing to attempt replacing yourself  ;)

 on: Yesterday at 16:32:00 
Started by Sir Tigger QC - Last post by Fuse 19
Shaded pole induction motors, maximum current at zero rpm plus a virtual shorted turn to kick it into turning (the correct way)

 on: Yesterday at 16:28:54 
Started by Webby the Bear - Last post by Doctor Gollum
What about below the inlet manifold?

 on: Yesterday at 16:28:51 
Started by Jimbob - Last post by Jimbob
So big blue has a noise thatís been going on a little bit.

Itís coming from the rear and sounds a bit like the brake pads are catching. Took them out cleaned up callipers and it remains.

It varies in noticeable ness with road surface and speed. Can also feel the Ďpulseí through the handbrake. I canít detect play, but I rarely can to be honest.

Blue is now at 172k and I think they are both original.

With the back of the car in the air with engine on and in drive it is noticable. Wheels donít spin particularly freely if spin by hand so think there is resistance somewhere

Evident both side but passenger side is worst.

Thoughts? I was thinking brakes initially and could still be tempted to take the callipers off and give them a good clean but not very hopeful after the pad out clean didnít do a lot

Thinking now to chuck it in for both wheel bearings. No way am I attempting it myself if it is that.

 on: Yesterday at 16:19:00 
Started by Webby the Bear - Last post by Gaffers
With the XJR6 there is loads of space under the bonnet, it's just that most of it is by the exhaust manifolds.  There is space for one by the throttle cable interface but to put in two you would have to do some re-engineering.

 on: Yesterday at 15:58:04 
Started by Lizzie Zoom - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Having said that, can't find it now.
Listing ended yesterday ;)

 on: Yesterday at 15:57:11 
Started by Webby the Bear - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Really pretty good, actually. IIRC it's a Prins system with Flashlube, it might be a tad undersized though as it drops to petrol if you're at WOT and above 4k RPM.. rest of the time it's entirely unobtrusive :y

That's often the safest way to go with high aspiration LPG setups as you don't often (!) spend much time at WOT in then anyway.  That's what I was thinking for the XJR lpg setup instead of finding space for 2 vaporisors in a crossover configuration to deal with the demand of the SC at WOT.
Any space behind the front wheels and wing :-\

Mercedes W140 has enough space (just) for a double vap on the nearside, OK it's not exactly next to the inlet manifold but it is convenient for the engine/cabin coolant plumbing and fuel plumbing...

And on the proper engines, there's not much space under the bonnet ::)

 on: Yesterday at 15:45:21 
Started by sambo omega NI - Last post by Omegatoy
look at the post underneath yours ;D

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