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General Car Chat / Cambelt kits
« on: Today at 16:38:07 »
Just seen these,nothing to do with me, good price tho.

Will fit 3.2,3.0, just change back plate,and it's also two adjustable tensioners.

Omega General Help / Re: Cambelt change intervals
« on: Today at 16:26:29 »
Remember if you go over the 4years by 1 day, or get it over the 40,000mile limits, you will die, the car will spontaneously combust...

Mine was 5000miles over,did it on Saturday.

General Car Chat / Re: Been offered a cheap car.
« on: Today at 11:24:34 »
What would it break for.

Omega General Help / Re: She backed into me!
« on: Today at 11:23:22 »
If the Hoofland stores does have one, I will be able to transport it back to Essex this weekend Ron

Keith ABS

 :y top man Keith, see you Saturday. :)

Omega General Help / Re: 3.2 cambelt change
« on: Today at 11:22:11 »
Hi guys I am trying to get my cambelt changed but 2 local main dealers say the parts aren't available!
Funny I can find loads online, anyway does any body know of anyone in the Kent area that can do this.
Mileage is now 83K so a little overdue. Any help would be appreciated.

Mine was 25k overdue, and the engine didn't disintegrate, after it went over,, Nickw be your man for that little job. :y

Might have a nice new one, will check. :)

Omega General Help / Re: She backed into me!
« on: Today at 04:36:00 »
I think hoof'land stores might be able to supply these, Ron, will check when I get home. If I've got them,  :y

Omega General Help / Re: Air con question
« on: Yesterday at 19:06:12 »
Sorry for being blunt.

Go to dealers order 13277003, tell them that's what you want,, then go to Halfords, buy a pack of tyre valve cores, and a valve core tool, then follow the guide how to the HP valve, then with your new tyre core tool remove old LP core, and fit new one, take to air con people get regassed..job jobbed.

General Discussion Area / Re: April Summer
« on: Yesterday at 16:09:02 »

General Discussion Area / Re: Hope prices don't go up
« on: Yesterday at 09:13:26 »
These MP's want to mind their own business  ;D

Surely the answer to the question "Are these people working voluntarily?" has to be filed under "No sh*t, Sherlock"?

I mean, would you wash cars for £5 a go?

Use to when I was a boy in the war, to earn money to buy airfix kits, :)

General Car Chat / Re: Trolley Jack for lowered cars
« on: Yesterday at 09:11:05 »
What are the requirements to be able to shop at Costco? Do you need s membership card/“be a business” or can anyone go?

You need a membership card  :y  :)

Plus a joining fee.

Omega General Help / Re: Air con question
« on: Yesterday at 07:23:59 »
You need to solder it, BG? Hmmm....


The one shown, is threaded, need to know what the thread is.

Omega General Help / Re: Air con question
« on: 23 April 2018, 17:36:08 »
Does anyone have a photo of the two extracted valves?

I was also given from another VX dealer p/n 3041827 but on his diagram it showed 2 on the same pipe so he said that can't be right and advised me to go to a specialist air con firm and may be they can help.

Its all getting a bit confusing. It should have been a simple buy and replace job.

The LP is a standard tyre valve core.

General Car Chat / Re: Omega is getting rare
« on: 23 April 2018, 09:50:13 »
Better start looking after mine, as it's only 1 of 4 left,, were going to be millionaire's Rodney. ;D

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