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 on: Yesterday at 18:21:11 
Started by Mr Skrunts - Last post by TheBoy
You need to go higher. Even my trusty old Garmin GPS12XL used to get a full rack of 12 sats a couple of miles up above Jockular land!  ;D
CAA have limited me to 400' now :(.  And being the model citizen, I never breach that and post on a public site like utube

 on: Yesterday at 18:18:44 
Started by STEMO - Last post by TheBoy
You can't really annoy a computer.

Indeed, Barclays has 24 million customers - it's not like there is a little gremlin like man staring at the balance sheets cursing TB; he's not even a spec in their statistics.
It gives me a warm feeling its costing them to service my accounts.  Much like when I piss myself.

 on: Yesterday at 18:16:48 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by TheBoy
MX5 is a hoot to drive, and quite nice in a tail out scenario.  And its all low speed fun as well :y.

It lacks power (big time), and obviously has an image problem, but that doesn't make it boring.

Not tried a new one, but suspect the weight has ballooned and the power sapped, which would be a crying shame.  Esp as all the old ones have rusted away.

Early MR2s are almost as much fun

 on: Yesterday at 18:08:42 
Started by Alnico Blue - Last post by Alnico Blue
These last few posts are starting to make me feel like this is not going to go right at all  :o

Can any of you fine gents post up a list  of exactly what they should be suppling so that I can check they have it all when they turn up .

Or even  . .get one step ahead & TELL them what they should be suppling before they attend  ;) ;)

 on: Yesterday at 18:06:50 
Started by Sir Tigger QC - Last post by TheBoy
The vendor was (owned by BCA) who probably paid a tenth of that for it.  ::)
Theiving vermin bastids.
They have a place in life for people too lazy or idle to move stuff on themselves.

In a former life, I used to linger around the pawn shops in Bletchley (its that sort of place) just after Christmas and snap up all the brand new games consoles that people had got for xmas, but were trading in for next to nothing in order to get their next fix.  I'd keep them for a few weeks until there were not many around, then sell them for far more than I paid for them - things like Wii's, Xbox360s, gayStation 3s I was buying for sub 30, and selling for 3 times that.

Sometimes I used to think some poor granny had saved her pension for that for an ungrateful grandchild, who had likely exchanged for a quick shot.

 on: Yesterday at 17:53:21 
Started by Barry Hewes - Last post by TheBoy
Just seen your location. I once bought an Omega from Holbeach ;D

 on: Yesterday at 17:51:35 
Started by Bigron - Last post by TheBoy
Bloody Macs.  For girlies and ladyboys only.  Did I mention I'm not a fan of mine?

 on: Yesterday at 17:43:22 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by Andy B
Not many would keep up on the thirties behind my Smart Roadster ..... all 700cc & 80 bhp. Sticks to the road like the proverbial to a blanket. I've upset various 'fast' cars when I've caught them up again at the next bend ..... obviously they leave me behind on the long straights.   :y

twisties ...... auto correct on my phone  ???

 on: Yesterday at 17:40:46 
Started by T.m.f - Last post by Andy B
Sounds like a lot of hassle. I'll stick to my "bag'o'canvas". :y

Plus you would have to run air lines to the trailer for the air brakes  ;)

A 5th wheeler I was looking at had electric trailer brakes  ;)

 on: Yesterday at 17:32:47 
Started by STEMO - Last post by Field Marshal Dr. Opti
Sorry, Opti, it's the future. You'll mellow once you've bought one:y


As for derv being the future......... ;D ;D ;D
It's the future as far as people your age are concerned.  ;D

Well. I hope I have a better than 50% chance of enjoying 2019......unlike yourself. :)

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