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 on: Yesterday at 18:20:04 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by BazaJT

 on: Yesterday at 18:19:30 
Started by Lizzie Zoom - Last post by BazaJT
Discussing this at work and we have the answer :y Get a load of RO/RO ferries and string them bow to stern across the channel,that way traffic can use the load decks as a tunnel.Using a "traffic light"system the tunnel can then be opened/closed[by tugs or similar]to allow shipping through in "blocks".See job sorted :D :D ;D

 on: Yesterday at 18:18:13 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by Lizzie Zoom

 on: Yesterday at 18:15:53 
Started by Lizzie Zoom - Last post by Lizzie Zoom
It is very easy to stop the pillars from being hit, you do the same as other designs with light buoy marked safety outer walls which ships can hit without damaging the pillars. :y

If you've used the Chunnel several times too promise to never use it again because of chronic delays for both cars/freight and Eurostar trains and money grabbing customer service that make Ryanair look like generous philanthropists. Stuck on a delayed Eurostar train for hours in pleb class with all food and refreshment kiosks shut was great fun NOT. >:(  How does spending vast amounts in doubling the capacity for a despised system that many won't use help? >:( >:( >:(

Flying or ferries for me if I need to go to Europe if the only alternative is the Chunnel I will stay at home. I have very rarely been delayed on 100's of ferry crossings between UK to France and back and then normally only in exceptionally bad weather. :y

You obviously have faith Rod in barriers.  But, after watching motorway barriers fail so spectacularly when hit in a certain way by HGV's, I do not have such faith.  I do though understand what you are saying, but............

a tanker, container ship, or cruise liner with a weight of up to 200,000 tonnes, traveling at say 20 knots, will take a long time to stop completely (some experts say up to 20 minutes) in calm weather, but in rough, gale force conditions, with the ship pitching on the storm tossed sea..?

Look at some examples of what can go wrong with bridges over rivers, not even across a sea, but also in the same document it also explains how the defence of bridge supports from ship collision could be done: :

But, look at those suggested barriers; could they really stop a ship of 200,000 tonnes, with a beam of 400m, and a height of 70m plus travelling at speed, with the gale force winds behind it, and pitching vertically another 4 metres, giving a ships "reach" up the pillar (and over the barrier?) of perhaps 80 metres?  Just one bow strike on a bridge support with the force behind a  ship travelling at 20 knot could be enough. And what if two colliding large ships made contact with the bridge?  I certainly would not want to be on that bridge at the time! :o :o ;)


 on: Yesterday at 18:13:05 
Started by Tilbo - Last post by BazaJT

 on: Yesterday at 18:12:17 
Started by BazaJT - Last post by BazaJT
Used it for work today.Started and drove with all clocks/radio working,stopped at a shop started it no clocks or radio working.Came home later all working again,stopped at supermarket to do shopping and all not working again.Another thing I noticed[it may have been doing this before without my noticing it]was that when I turned ignition off the rev counter needle was still flickering/vibrating against its stop.

 on: Yesterday at 18:02:20 
Started by b4ndit - Last post by b4ndit
Hi gstylebaby,
your inbox is full :y :y

 on: Yesterday at 16:32:56 
Started by Berniemc1356 - Last post by RobG
When you say the radio needs to be on for 10-15 mins is that holding down the AS button or just leaving the radio switched on.
Ignition ON, radio ON

 on: Yesterday at 16:29:42 
Started by amazonian - Last post by amazonian
Yes, losing 18mm from the outside diameter.

 on: Yesterday at 16:05:03 
Started by Lizzie Zoom - Last post by Doctor Gollum
A constant stream would actually improve flow ::)

But let's not let facts ruin yet another perfectly good Daily Fail story ;D

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