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I noticed that the heated front screen (Ford style) on the Range Rover is rather 'patchy' .. left side works fairly well, drivers side is mostly not working. D'oh. I guess that needs a new screen given the randomness of it (rather than the whole left/right split).

Rear heated screen also doesn't work but that's a common failure - the connector comes adrift under the spoiler. Another reason to get in there and I can fix the camera (back-to-front image, another common fault .. new camera module is ~200 but thankfully a kind soul gifted me one) at the same time.

Bloody unreliable Ran.. oh, hey Rangie  ;D ;D

Only problems I've had are the rear door actuators both now replaced going in on Wednesday for all new discs & pads ,found a really good independent in Peterborough who comes highly recommended, also asked him to give it a complete "healthcheck" to see if anything else requires attention.

General Car Chat / Re: Ebay listed elite estate 143500586023
« on: Yesterday at 19:30:39 »
Lots of advisories on the last test.

General Discussion Area / Re: Breaking on the BBC
« on: 19 January 2020, 14:23:48 »
They also repay the money spent doing up their house. She is made for life now though as she has a sprog sired by a royal, which will be priceless on the U.S. talk show circuit.
Pretty sure they will also retain Duke / Duchess titles.
Nor bad for a girl who used to carry the red boxes on the U.S. version of Deal or no deal.
I predict she will dump him within 3 years.

 I don't fancy her chances much if she starts blabbing..

She should avoid chaffeur driven Mercs 😃😄😆

General Discussion Area / Re: Seduce someone in four words
« on: 18 January 2020, 22:20:18 »
I know you're moist.😁

General Discussion Area / Re: Breaking on the BBC
« on: 18 January 2020, 19:14:39 »
Cardboard box & blanket in a shop doorway then ? Somehow I don't think so & quite honestly couldn't give a monkeys..

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 18 January 2020, 17:55:26 »
Washed the Range Rover, it was absolutely filthy worked several days in a row due to "trouble at the factory" the roads are filthy with mud from the tractors etc. Car goes in on Tuesday for all new pads & discs so wanted it looking cared for..😀

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: 17 January 2020, 19:34:47 »

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: 16 January 2020, 07:38:55 »

General Discussion Area / Re: Labour leadership.
« on: 15 January 2020, 20:33:23 »
Man or women, whoever it is, has got a massive job to turn Labour around to reflect the 21st century politics required in the UK.

 :D ;)

Couldn't agree more Lizzie, and after listening & reading about the prospective leaders they have a hopeless task as they appear to be a collection of complete & utter idiots.

General Discussion Area / Re: Dead Person
« on: 15 January 2020, 18:31:40 »
Stan Kirsch, Highlander & Friends actor only 51.

General Discussion Area / Re: Global warming
« on: 15 January 2020, 14:48:18 »
Talking of Royalty I cannot understand the fuss about Harry, I find it impossible to believe that Charles is his father therefore let him go.. 😁

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: 15 January 2020, 14:41:25 »

General Discussion Area / Re: Taal Volcano
« on: 14 January 2020, 21:30:00 »
Stunning pictures.

General Discussion Area / Re: Global warming
« on: 13 January 2020, 15:32:50 »
Read several articles re global warming , some experts reckon it would have happened anyway regardless of petrol diesel or any other type of emissions, simple way to put it nothing & none of us last forever so if the weather's nice enjoy it personally I like the heat so bring it on..😎

General Discussion Area / Re: Main Dealers
« on: 13 January 2020, 06:32:20 »
Is E cars milk floats??  Could admin ban all talk of milk floats, as they have the same effect as, any type of vegetablist, dogooder, they need banning.

As kids these are probably the ppl that spent most of their school careers getting their heads flushed down the nearest toilet  :-\
Have to admit I was one of the ones doing the flushing 😁😁😁

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