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In store Sunday 14th July
Powerfix Profi Car Care Spray paints

400 ml cans 2.49 each or 2 for 4  :y

Underbody Protection
Rust Protection Primer
Primer Spray
Rim Paint
Matt Car Paint
Aluminium Zinc Spray

don't forget to buy the shopping you went in there for too  :y

General Car Chat / Insurance and breakdown
« on: 17 May 2019, 20:42:40 »
Tomorrow it will be a year since i started driving the Omega ,so time to find replacement insurance
Got a renewal offer off the AA for over 300  :( which I ignored  ;D

few days later they send an email "guarantee to match any like for like quote"  ::)

so I went on a rodent infested comparison site

increased the value to 2500 , all other details remain the same
I had quotes as low as 200 ,but found one with legal assistance,personal accident,courtesy car and basic breakdown and many more extras i won't use  ;D  for 233

phoned the AA , who said they will match it ,but I would have to pay 28 extra for legal protection and breakdown would be extra on top  >:(
their reason for not price matching "guarantee to match any like for like quote"
The quote I found was not "like for like" because my old policy did not have breakdown or legal protection (I have auto-aid for breakdown anyway and plenty of ambulance chaser companies will help me in event of a not my fault accident)
so, they refused to match .
 I was comparing a much better policy than they where prepared to offer .

I now have a new insurer  :)

also up for renewal is my auto aid breakdown 48
offers better cover that what is included in insurance (max 15 miles recovery) so I will renew Auto-aid   :)

70 saved ,which is 3/4 of a tank of GOGO juice  ;D

the reason my Quotes are so high is because I'm still young by the way  ;)

If a garage does a repair which fails after 4 to 6 weeks
admits they made a mistake, has the car back for repair," fixes fault" FOC
(under an 18 month warranty)
but the problem remains, say a clutch  :P still noisy after 15 miles of driving
do you have to keep letting them have it back for repair?
(the garage refuse to come and look at the problem, insisting they recover the car)
but the car is effectively evidence in what could be a future court case, so, not happy to let them have it  ::)
I think..... they had it back,failed and enough is enough  :-\
time to take legal action to recover costs  :-\

General Car Chat / Zafira A 2.0 DTi service
« on: 11 July 2018, 18:54:44 »
After driving round all day looking at rubbish french cars and other mpv things  :(
got a zafira A 2.0 dti elegance  :y
tidy and well looked after 2003 ,stupidly cheap  :)
(to replace the crapasso)
I need to do a quick service and check over brakes etc before it gets put into service
can i use the trade club 10w40 oil ? the little i have left  ::)
will i get an oil filter from halfrauds ? assume there is only one type ?
halfrauds being round the corner from car and me not footing bill

anything i should check model specific ?

Omega Gallery / My 53 plate CDXi
« on: 24 June 2018, 11:07:08 »

Gave it a quick wash
Much more work to do  ;D

Omega General Help / Z32se vec c coil pack in y26se omega ?
« on: 14 June 2018, 20:00:37 »
ordered a 2.6 coil pack bosch 0 221 503 027 (same as fitted to my v6)
got sent a 3.2 se coil pack bosch 0 221 503 473
checked that number and it is 2,4,6 pack but off vectra c /signum 3.2 z32se

looks the same
can't find a matching cross reference to say the 3.2 item succeeds the old part number

purchased it from The Boy's favorite on-line auction site  ;D

send it back ? or will it be fine  :-\
bearing in mind ,i have to dismantle half the car to swap it   :D 

General Car Chat / Opti LUBE ?
« on: 26 May 2018, 11:28:35 »
I need to check / replace my trans fluid

53 plate CDXi 2.6 auto omega

service history is ticked as trans fluid replaced a couple of years ago , BUT anyone can tick a box  :-\

searching TheBoy's fave on-line shopping place ,I came across this

Opti lube clicky   :o ;D

says "ATF GM DEXRON III  " so the right stuff ?  and must be good stuff if Field Marshal Dr. Opti makes it ?

Hopefully i can pick a few brains on here,
As your probably aware , i brought my omega because i have to swap to an automatic
I hate automatics and think it's the devils work  ;D but i have no choice as my ankle/knee is knackered due to an old injury.
listed my carlton on ebay , got messes about, buyer said his brother bid and could not be contacted.
I now have an offer to sell to northern Ireland ,yes i know , going to be ragged to within an ich of it's life but the seller assures me he is a collector and has many retro cars
is it safe to get a bank transfer off the buyer ?
he's arranging collection via transporter lorry
is there any credit card claw back issues or legal implications if i sell and accept bank transfer ?
(northern ireland is still the uk apparently ,so no export duty ?
I just want to do things legally , keep my 100% feedback, not have problems
thanks in advance  :y

General Car Chat / Air con /climate control
« on: 22 April 2018, 17:51:26 »
Why why why is everyone fixing or asking questions about fixing air con
do you ALL want it to snow and rain for the remainder of 2018  ;D

Does anyone know if the front bumper from a facelift 2.2 sport like the one in the link will fit my 53 plate CDXi 2.6 please ?
found one local-ish in the colour i need
will i need the foam and crash bar etc ? or are they all the same underneath ?
will the pair of cdxi fogs i just ordered fit ?
will i be better to paint a cdxi (also local) item to keep it original cdxi spec

i'm new to omega B spannering ,sorry , been spannering omega A's (carlton) for 18 years  :P

thanks in advance  :)

I need to replace a few bits (due to the previous owners lack of talent avoiding non moving objects)
late 2003 facelift 2.6 cdxi z157 2au star silver 3 saloon
driver's (offside/right) front wing,
 driver's door,
driver's xenon headlamp,
driver's headlamp lower trim
driver's front fog
 and complete front  bumper with wash jets if possible
  z157 2au star silver 3
any help appreciated in sourcing these  :)

Omega General Help / Body panels etc facelift
« on: 27 March 2018, 13:00:10 »
I need to replace a few bits (due to the previous owners lack of talent avoiding non moving objects)
driver's (offside/right)wing, driver's door,driver's xenon headlamp,driver's front fog and complete bumper in good old z157 2au star silver 3
so have a few questions if someone could help me please ?
I searched the forum and  someone said the estate front door fits the saloon ,please confirm ?
are all the wings the same ? facelift and pre-facelift ?
i'm struggling to find a bumper z157 and with headlamp washers ,can I retrofit my washers from my old bumper ? onto a non washwipe bumper (or just not have washers fitted on the replacement)
i'm trawling ebay local to me in midlands/derbyshire areas
any advice much appreciated  :)

Newbie Welcome Area / Hello
« on: 26 March 2018, 20:30:33 »
I'm new to this forum ,
I've recently taken on ownership of a late 2003 facelift omega B CDXi 6 banger
I've been driving vauxhall carltons (opel omega A) for about 18 years,so familiar with the RWD GM platform  ;D
I've run "My Naff Code Reader" to check everything ,now it's  time to start "underbody protection",waxoil,grease,loctite rust remedy etc etc
I have a few questions which I'll ask in hopefully the right sections  ;D

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