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General Discussion Area / Breville VDF084
« on: 15 July 2018, 23:34:00 »
Had this a while, easy to use and clean, cooking lunch yesterday and the halogen element has stopped working.

Not sure how easy spares are to obtain but has anyone ever replaced an halogen element in one of these or similar.

Any advice.  TIA. :y :y

Manufacturer’s product web page:

General Discussion Area / Earth Quakes (Tracking)
« on: 09 June 2018, 23:54:25 »

Someone on FB mentioned Earthquake so went for a nosy.

Didn't expent to find what I did. :-\

General Discussion Area / Motor Trade Policy
« on: 09 May 2018, 22:18:07 »
Any one got one?

Do you have start NCD from scratch or can you tranfer NCD from standard policy. :y

Omega General Help / Pads & Disks
« on: 08 May 2018, 23:07:13 »
Recomended brand names for above replacemrnt.

I think I have a set of Apec pads the I bought for the 99 MFL 3.0 Elite, not sure if the will fit the 03 2.2

Either way just looked on EuroCP




Choices, any better than others?

TIA :y

General Discussion Area / Network Hub
« on: 20 January 2018, 03:20:30 »
I have had a NETGEAR DGND3700 for a few years now with no issues at all. :y

Also had a 8 port gigabit hub connected to it which has 2 PC's (i7 & AMD FX), TV, phone booster and DVD Recorder etc connected with no problems other than a burt out power supply a year ago. :-\

This is where the problem starts, thought the hub had packed up, so connected the i7 PC direct and all worked ok, so bought a new 8 port hub (Managed)(was late and I was stressed) and had no joy connecting, put it down to needing set up and ordered another 8 port PnP Gigabit hub, plugged it in tonight and still no connections on either PC, take the modem/router cable back to a PC all ok.

I allways rebooted after swapped cables and have tried the M/R cable ingoing to all hubs into each of the ports and not connected at all.  Also powered everything down and unplugged things etc.

Have run varius Modem/routers and add on hubs for years. but where am I going wrong with these hubs, Maybe 1 faulty but 2 brand new ones? Also tried alternative lan cables and new ones.

Feeling stupid as it's probably going to be something stupid.

Please also be nice to me as I am no network techie and a lot of it will be too technical for my tender brain. :-X

General Discussion Area / Food - Child hood days
« on: 08 January 2018, 22:08:55 »
Just doing my Asda shop online and just fancied a change, so went looking for meatloaf and all that came up was dog food, so decided to look for nut roast, and the only option that came up was the Quorn crap.

Nothing can ever replace Mums cooking or all the home grown veggies that we had to hand, I gave up on the takeaways a few years ago with just the occasional one every 2 weeks or so, and now with all the processed and frozen food etc I am just getting fed up with it all.

But it is so sad that the basic stuff like the nut roast and meatloaf just is not available any more. :-\

and KFC dont deliver to our area  ::)

General Discussion Area / SIM Deals
« on: 08 January 2018, 15:33:49 »
Trying to find a SIM deal with out data useage.

Need unlimited talk/text but no data req.  Dont even mind a limit on text but HAS to UNLIMITED talk

I personaly have 2 sim's with 4 GB data and unlimited Text/talk for £9 each

Just missed a plusnet deal for £7.50 1GB unlimted Text/Talk :-\

Any idea's form anyone. :y

TIA :y

General Discussion Area / Tax DD
« on: 04 January 2018, 00:45:19 »
Took my car for it's MOT and it passed with flying colours. :y

Got a letter  , , , ,blah blah, saying to ignore if MOT was  etc etc ::)

January DD not been processed yet, thought was due to bank holidays etc. :-X

Spent 20 minutes getting nowhere on the phone to DVLA to see whats happening with no joy, so gave in. :-X

Online the site says my car is tested.  Has anyone had delays with thier DD? :y

✓ Taxed

Tax due:
01 January 2019
Incorrect tax status?

22 December 2018
Incorrect MOT status?
If you've just bought this vehicle the tax or SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) doesn't come with it. You'll need to tax it before driving it.

    Vehicle make: VAUXHALL
    Date of first registration: June 2003
    Year of manufacture: 2003
    Cylinder capacity (cc): 2198 cc
    CO₂Emissions: 248 g/km
    Fuel type: PETROL
    Export marker: No
    Vehicle status: Tax not due
    Vehicle colour: GREY
    Vehicle type approval: M1
    Wheelplan: 2-AXLE-RIGID BODY
    Revenue weight: Not available

General Discussion Area / MOT
« on: 18 December 2017, 15:13:09 »
Well that's another pass

Put a new battery on to save the hassle and be confident for Christmas.
Had a new P7 fitted last year
but that's basically all straight passed during my ownership.

2.2 CD Auto Saloon 03

53,308 miles,

Very Happy  ::) :y

General Discussion Area / Christmas Totty Time (NWS) Men Only
« on: 08 December 2017, 22:06:33 »
Was going to post some piccies. ::) ::)

But the 12 days haven't started yet. :D :D :D :D

General Discussion Area / It Must Be Winter
« on: 07 December 2017, 10:26:13 »
Bought a Bosch 5 year warranty battery for the car in February, as most of you know I dont get out much and as per usual went out to a flat battery yesterday, no big deal, Called the AA got the usual garbabe about the battery being Fubar and 1volt in 15 minutes load yada yada.

Had a good run out to recharge, will be going out at lunch to retry see if it held a charge and if starts have a run round to top the charge up for an inportant tun out tonight to pick a friend up (and yes doctor opti, she is a cracker and 27 years younger)

So as a backup plan I priced a replacement up

I paid £75.00 delivered (Eurocarparts through Amazon delivered to my door)

ECP and Halfords for the same Bosch 5year battery.

Sorry Bosch not showing now but £114 Yuasa (Halfrauds)  :-\
Bosch at ECP £157.99  :-X

General Discussion Area / Computers - RAID
« on: 03 December 2017, 18:55:12 »
Having Zillions of files scattered over numerous hard drives I decided a few weeks ago to have a massive sort out. :-\

The plan was to collate and sort in to folders/directories and then sift and sort duplicates out and maybe rename to contents (of some of the folders at least) for ease of indexing. ::)

In total I now have :- ::)

Numerous 1tb drives
3+ 2tb drives
2+ 3tb drives

I added 2 x 4tb SSHD Seagate's one of which is already fubar and I don't have a clue how much data is lost or whether it's backup exists or not.

Replaced the 4tb SSHD with a Toshiba drive and am quite impressed so went and bought a 6tb Toshiba with 128mb cache runs at 7200rpm, hadn't focused on speed of other drives as they are only for back.

The plan is to run a RAID setup up (Still reading up on what's what) but the question is, if all the drives are of equal size do they have to be the same make. 8)

I am also surmising that if I use RAID 5 that all disks need to be identical.  (Considering using 3 6tb Toshiba drives)

If for any reason I took one of the raid storage drives out will the data be readable in another PC? ???

TIA :y

General Discussion Area / So it's Black Friday
« on: 24 November 2017, 04:02:21 »
Post the bargain's here folks  :y :y :y :y

General Discussion Area / RANT - PC Cases
« on: 30 September 2017, 17:24:03 »
Looking for a new case, Idealy with a hot swat SSD

Thing is that all the cases I like dont have 5.25 drive bays any more.  I must be old fashioned because I still want to fit my DVD/RW an BR/RW in my case (even though I dont use them.

So thinking smart, I went looking for external cases for the Optical drives. . . . . . . Now looking at the Vodka bottle in the corner as I give up. :(

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