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General Discussion Area / Anybody watching....
« on: 22 December 2020, 20:14:31 »
The documentary on BBC4 at the moment? I didn't realise Boris had resigned...

Omega General Help / Crank sensor...I think?
« on: 01 December 2020, 14:09:01 »
Y reg 2000MY 3.0 V6 Elite Saloon Automatic.

Drove to the chip shop last night - about a mile. Then about half way home I had to stop at some lights. As I went to pull away, it stalled. Car is an Auto, so a bit of a faff to restart. Once restarted it ran for a few seconds before stalling again. Eventually I got it to run for long enough to left foot brake and use the accelerator to keep the revs up, crash it into gear and get home. It stalled again as I pulled onto the drive.

I then had to go out again about 2 hours later. Again it stalled as I pulled into where I was going, and was a struggle to re-start and keep going for the journey home.

Once I got home again I whipped off the IACV and gave it a good clean, not that it was very dirty.

Drove to work this morning (about 14 miles) and all was well until I pulled into the carpark when it stalled again.

It stalls whilst the car is still moving, so care with the power steering and brake servo assist is needed. The idle speed on overrun (60MPH downhill) seems to be very low too (350-400 RPM), as though it's trying to stall but the drag from the gearbox is keeping it turning over.

Never had a crank sensor go, and there don't appear to be any stored trouble codes. Of course I scrapped my spare engine last Thursday, so haven't got a spare!

Does this sound like a crank sensor fault?

Yes I know genuine dealer part only.

General Discussion Area / Password Reset
« on: 13 October 2020, 14:11:41 »
I seem to have cocked something up. I am trying to setup a new PC, but I can't get it to log onto OOF. I enter what I think is the correct username and password, but it then re-directs me to an authentication reminder screen, and won't let me in. I can't authenticate because my registered EMAIL address is no longer accessible, so I can't access the reset password EMAIL. And you can't reset your online email address or passwords unless you know your current password, which apparently I don't.

I can still access OOF on this PC which is permenetly logged in - presumably untill someone eats my cookie.

Omega General Help / F/L Saloon Front Bumper Fixings
« on: 09 September 2020, 15:09:15 »
Car had a disagreement with Bambi on the way to work this morning. Front bumper quite badly damaged, although not as badly as Bambi which will be in someones Freezer tonight.

Anyhow have taken the bumper off and am in the process of Araldite-ing it back together, but I'm missing the 3 underneath fixings - p/n 9183496. They're large square spreader clamps that fix the panel on the bottom of the bumper to the rail that runs under the radiators. Have rung Vauxhall - NLS and no stock showing in the dealer network. Can't see them on eBay either. Anyone got a secret stash? Or any ideas where to get them or suitable alternatives. 


Crops up occasionally, and would have helped me a huge amount if these had been available earlier. However...

These are for the 2002 model year. There may be differences in other model years, but they were good enough for me so sort out a 2001, built in 2000. They're certainly much closer to reality on my car than the Haynes Manuals.

A zip of all the diagrams.

Or if you want individual pages you can download them from here :

Click on the one you want which will take you to a second page with a "Download" button.

General Car Chat / Free PDF hosting?
« on: 24 April 2020, 12:22:37 »
Anyone know of a good free online PDF hosting site?

I've got PDF's of the wiring diagrams for facelift Omega B's, but my normal image hosting service (imgbb) doesn't support PDF's. I've tried printing them as JPG and TIFF, but they end up much larger than the original PDF, and not as clear.

Omega General Help / Heater Matrix change
« on: 25 March 2020, 16:24:04 »
If I need to take the dash out to fix my electrical problem, then I may as well do the Heater Matrix as well at the same time. Given that it looks like we'll be in full Apocolypse lockdown for Easter, and my local VX dealer is shut anyway, what's the best source of a new Matrix?

Needs to be mail order and still delivering. Any 'reccomended' or 'wouldn't touch with a bargepole' brands?

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / WTD : AR35 Gearbox
« on: 26 January 2020, 20:30:34 »
anyone got an AR35 2000 facelift saloon Omega B gearbox for sale?

Story here:


Omega General Help / Think i'm gonna need a new Auto Gearbox.
« on: 25 January 2020, 22:48:01 »
Next problem - I think I'm going to need a new gearbox. Anyone got a known good AR35 for sale. Please. For a 2001 3.0V6 Saloon Elite?

Symptoms are - a very clunky gear change when cold. It's been getting worse for a few months.  Then before Christmas, the 'clutch' started slipping.

It's Ok pulling away in 'D' and changes into 2nd and 3rd Ok. However, once you reach 30mph and lift off to maintain that speed, the revs start to rise even though you're not getting any faster. It'll go all the way up to 5000rpm and eventually "Gearbox Fault" comes up on the MID. aven't got Tech 2 to read trouble codes. Can they be blink tested?

If I lift off and coast I can stop the revs rising, and I don't get the error message. If I then floor it, it 'thumps' down into second, and then back into 3rd and it's ok ish. The fault only seems to occur when cold - once you've driven for perhaps 10 minutes it behaves normally. If the MID error has come on, turning the engine off and on again resets everything and it'll drive Ok.

I've tried putting the gearbox in 1, 2 and 3, and as far as I can tell so far it doesn't slip.

I've had the car up in the air, and checked the gearbox fluid level with the engine warm and running and topped the fluid up twice. Drove 2500 miles over Christmas and I thought that had cured it. But it hasn't. In the last week its got progressively worse and worse. AFAIK the box is original, so 20 years old with 280K miles on it, and probably on its original filter and oil.

I was going to try a filter and fluid change next, but from watching Youtube videos it doesn't sound like that's going to be the fault. If I'm going to have to get covered in ATF I'd rather it was only once not twice. So assuming no-one has any better ideas it's probably quickest to just swap the current gearbox out for a new known good box.

So anyone got a known good AR35 for sale? Please. :-*

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / IPAD mounting cradle
« on: 24 November 2019, 15:17:01 »
Anyone know of a decent quality IPAD (actually a Microsoft Surface Pro but its basically the same size) mounting cradle for a facelift Omega? I've tried some of the cheap jobbies from eBay that clip into the heater blower vents, but they aren't really sturdy enough for something as big and heavy as a M$ Surface Pro. I've done a dummy fit and I think it should be possible to mount it between the gearstick and radio/CD without obscuring anything critical.

Driving home tonight after work, and suddenly a loud banging from the rear started. I initially thought either the exhaust mounts had broken, and it was hitting the underside of the car, or the diff mounts had gone and it was banging on the sub-frame. No point in stopping coz no chance of fixing anything at the side of the road. Every speed bump and pothole makes a frightening racket.

Got home and looked in the boot and the cause immediately apparent. Nearside rear shock has punched through the top of the turret. I think I know the answer, but is there any viable repair?

No time to look at it now - I'm supposed to be going to the USA for two weeks tomorrow so I guess I won't be going to Heathrow in the Omega. If someone could magic up some repair panels whilst I'm away....

Anyone going to Billing (Sywell!) got either....

2001 Facelift 3.0L Elite Saloon Passenger side Wing Mirror Glass - Heated. (not the whole unit, just the glass)
2001 Facelift 3.0L Elite Saloon Headlamp Level Sensor widget (Got the dreaded "Headlight Range" error)

I know I can probably get either/both from fleaBay, but given the VBOA event is this weekend I'd rather give the money to a member here if possible.


Me Mig failed the MOT today. I was devastated  :'(. Emmissions - nope. Brakes - nope. Tyres - nope.

Blown rear number plate bulb ::). Swapped in a spare and now got another 12 months ticket. ;D :D

General Discussion Area / Pensions
« on: 25 July 2018, 14:38:22 »
Old school retirement...

I will be retiring at at least 67... With the current odds, I won't need a pension :-X

Planning to live on the state pension alone is planning to live in poverty once you retire till you die. It's less than 8K per year, and as you say you won't get it till you're 67 - perhaps even 70 by then. However, if you save your own money into a private/workplace pension, you can start to draw that at any age post 55. You can then retire and live on that from 55 to 67, at which time the 8K state pension comes in as well.

Or you could just piss all your money up the wall on expensive 'phones and other Apple shyte. I was going to put buy expensive cars, but this is an Omega forum so doesn't really apply.

General Discussion Area / Anyone for a fly-past?
« on: 09 July 2018, 11:49:53 »
If you're in the London area tomorrow (1:00 PM 10 July) then the RAF are having a centenary flypast over Buckingham Palace (assuming their navigational skills allow them to find it  ;D).

100 aircraft will form up over East Anglia, then fly in past Ipswich, Colchester, over London, and disperse to the west. Heathrow is going to 'pause' for up to 15 minutes to allow some of the formations to pass overhead. If you can read Aeronautical-ese, details are here :

Unlikely there will be this big a flypast (of manned aircraft anyway) over the smoke ever again.

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