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On a spur of the moment thing, I bought these:

I was thinking of fitting them to my '97 estate which currently has halogen normal lights.....

Am i right in saying there is work involved in this, and is it better that i look for some standard projector types lights (as that would be fine for me really....just after the clear lenses look)


I have trawled trough as many past posts as my head can handle and not found what i'm looking for so i'll ask a fresh Q.

I'm replacing the headunit for an aftermarket one.
Only single DIN, no steering controls to worry about, and I'm not fussed on it showing any radio info on the MID.

Soooo, with that in mind, what harness adaptor do i need to buy?
My stereo has ISO block connections...., will they just plug into the lower part of the 3 blocks? (the 2 smaller ones)
look kinda similar.


I have a blaupunkt car 300 stereo in the car is just bought and i was wondering if its easy to unlock, and failing that what can i replace ti with easily?
cdr500 or something?
Either that or i'll just chuck an aftermarket one in with a nice AUX input for the ipod.


Omega Electrical and Audio Help / changing MID in preFL estate?
« on: 24 February 2011, 15:00:59 »
Jus picked up my Pre face lift estate 2.5td (select), and i see it has the basic top half MID with information but the time and date and outside temp.

Is it possible to fit one that will tell me MPG etc without too much hassle. Are all the connectors and sensors there to read it all?

Also, on a similar note, would it be worth doing that if i was:
a) going to chip the td. Heard it makes the MID go haywire
b) fitting aftermarket CD player, with ipod controls etc.


Omega General Help / 2.5td EGR vac pipe? what to do with it
« on: 26 June 2011, 15:53:04 »
Having blanked off my egr at both ends, I am left with an EGR valve and a Vac pipe attached to it.

What should i do with this?
Leave it in place?
remove and block?

Does it make any difference now that the EGR is blanked anyway?


Omega General Help / Where to get EGR blank plate for 2.5td?
« on: 23 June 2011, 04:20:32 »
Anyone know?

Will the ones designed for the Vauxhall diesels fit?

They are abundant due to issues with their EGR's at the moment.
Especially in newer engines.

one like this for instance:

just would be simple if this fitted is all....can't be doing with the hassle of having them made up.

Omega General Help / These any good? cheaper then specific ones
« on: 21 June 2011, 18:42:05 »

Thinking for front ARB mounts.
Seems to be same material, just select diameter of the ARB and away you go?

Omega General Help / Why soooo smoky?
« on: 14 June 2011, 23:43:48 »

so i know diesels smoke....fact

I also know that chipped diesels will smoke.....

BUT, i think my smoke is excessive.
What would cause excessive BLACK smoke in general?

I notice in particular that the turbo on mine seems to "stall" if i lift my foot off the throttle at all.
For instance, if i'm cruising at 70mph and i let off the throttle a little for whatever reason (slowing down for instance, or even just as a change of pace), When i go to put my foot back, there is a pause (turbo lag i suppose), and then a big puff of black smoke that lasts till the turbo kicks back in and then woosh.

So, i like to say i'm just being paranoid, but my missus said she was choking on my diesel smoke when she followed me today lol. And if i'm honest, i feel sorry for anyone that follows me at the moment. It's literally every throttle movement after a deceleration or a maintenance of speed, results in what i would say is excessive smoke.

So am i being paranoid, or are there some things you recommend i should check.
(i am aware boost leaks and such may cause smoking, but as far as i can tell, it's not leaking and pulls well once it's on the turbo)

thanks in advance.

Omega General Help / Puddle lights?
« on: 15 June 2011, 13:38:19 »
Having changed my door cards, and used the taped up wires that were present to connect to the puddle lights on the elite door cards, I have found they do not work at all.....

Why would this be?
Is there a fuse missing because they were not fitted, or.....

Omega General Help / Wastegate adjustment?
« on: 31 May 2011, 17:46:12 »
As some of you know, I've got an Omega 2.5td estate manual.

It's chipped with the "+10" type chip.
And i love it....but...
I've heard mention in previous posts and some searches about wastegate adjustment on the turbo.

I am aware of how this works, and also of how to do it on this car and others.
I used a similar wastegate adjustment to change the relative PSI on my rover 2.0td i had last from 14psi to 19psi (the maximum recommended long term safe level).

I'm just interested in what the computer does to counteract any adjustments i make on the BMW engine and to what extent i should be changing it.
I have a boost gauge available to check current and adjusted levels of boost.

Does anyone else here have any experience with doing this and the results/reliability of these engines in relation to degree of boost increase?

just checking before I buy them, does anyone know if they'll fit the same?
I just thought they might sharpen up the back end a bit!?

If someone could let me know sooner rather than later so i can inform the seller.


Omega General Help / door check strap repair? wrong bits?
« on: 18 May 2011, 18:44:20 »
Went to my local vx dealer, ordered bits from part numbers here on oof.

and this is what they gave me.....

Omega General Help / Car very Wavvyyyyy
« on: 09 May 2011, 19:56:32 »
My 2.5 td estate has become VERY wavy, as opposed to a little bit wavy, in the last 2-3 days.
I think the rain may have exacerbated it, or the feeling of it. But to be honest, i've lost all confidence in it when i'm driving now.

I am aware that the front wishbones needed doing (rear bushes on em are kaput!)
But the wavvyness seems way more than just the front wishbones,
It feels like the arse is all over the shop....literally doing its own thing.

All my toe in's etc are good, but i know some of my camber is out. But that's been out for a little while already and not felt like it does now.

Only thing which may be to blame is the elite alloys, with they're 225 tyres, instead of the 205's i was running.

Anything i should really do or check other than the Front wishbones.....
rear donuts is it? Are they going to be a PITA to do?

Possibly covered before,
But i cant find a guide.

I have a mini FL elite leather estate interior to be fitted to my Select Pre - Facelift estate.

The Leather ones are full electric with side airbags.
And my current ones are cloth, with only the drivers side electric height adjustment.

Several questions about fitment.
Front ones: how to wire in? Will airbags be used or not?
Heated seats....I'm not too fussed about them working...but could they? Seeing as i have no switches etc.

Rear seats: same thing about the heated seats....I have no front centre arm rest, so no switches for them either.

Thanks in advance

Odd as it may seem,
I have started to notice that when i let the car get to around 20l of fuel left in it (i always fill to brim),
I start to get periodic hesitation.

By hesitation, i mean that sometimes i put my foot down, and i get bugger all back....instead of the usual whoosh from the chipped diesel that i am used to.

Eventually it clears after a couple of seconds, or mins and goes back to normal.

On top of this problem...I also have a starting issue when i let it get to 20l or below.
Usually from hot, but sometimes from cold, when showing under 20l, instead of starting on the button like it normally does with a full tank, it will spin over very fast and i may have to turn it over for 10 seconds or so, pumping the throttle to get it to kick in.

hasnt failed to start yet, but i fear one day it might.
Is this the lift pump?
Or is there something more sinister at play here

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