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General Car Chat / Re: Unusual one with the Zaf this morning
« on: 15 May 2018, 16:57:12 »
As soon as the pedal moves down slightly then the port from the reservoir into the cylinder closes so you cant force fluid through the way you were trying. Got to be with the pedal up. Would have to be a serious leak for this to work anyway.
If you can get to the bleed screw and bleed the system...or ideally push fluid IN through the bleed screw until it comes out of the header then you should have a working clutch for a day or so. you want me to bring the engine beam on Thursday??? ::)

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 12 November 2017, 19:41:43 »
Perhaps not 10 000 but.... the front screws will be rusted corroded into the crossmember and the rear ones will just spin the tin plate captive nut around and around.

General Car Chat / Re: 2003 Corsa.....wipers not working.
« on: 18 July 2017, 19:17:22 »
"I'm tempted to persuade the linkage to move with a large impacting implement"

Not a good move, the wiper spindles are steel, the housing they are supposed to turn in are made of the very finest monkey metal. Heat and gentle persuasion usually works best.
Once dismantled and de-rusted you can try to fit new O rings but in my experience there was no where left for them to locate...lots of grease was applied and was still working 5 years later, out lasted terminal corrosion to the bulkhead.

General Discussion Area / Re: Imperial weights and measures
« on: 15 March 2017, 20:29:17 »
Nothing wrong with imperial measurements providing that you were brought up with them. I quite like the idea of the FFF system of units, that is the Furlong, Furkin and Fortnight.

We have a machine at the GCRN that has a metric engine, metric axles, imperial (UNF) gearbox and imperial (Whitworth / BSF) chassis fittings. This is OK once you know which bit you are working on and get the right tools but last week I found brake hydraulic fittings with UNF threads but metric hex sizes - presumably because they had metric hex bar in stock the week it was made.

From the state of the inlet manifold it looked like you had been trying to run it on coal dust.

Oh, and from the paint code it would appear that the car is actually that rare silver colour though you wouldn't know by looking at it.

My all-time favourite  would be the Alfa Guilia 1.6 twin cam on Delortos - but not on a winter cold-start. (It lived outside and did not thank me for it).

Most regret at selling could be either the E93a Ford Pop, uprated with a 10HP van engine and transmission and the optional heater assembly or the '64 Zodiac ex-Police fitted with triple brass SUs and a valve radio. The Zodiac had advanced tinworm and was knackered in every department, the Pop had woodworm  :o in addition to tinworm so perhaps I did well to move them on.

Most fun was my '66 Hillman Imp Super, lowered, cambered, part space-framed, Greetham 998 Gp6 engine on twin 45mm twin choke Delortos, Aston Martin "silencer", Hewland gearbox and 10500 rpm available. Far more performance than I had talent for but great, if anti-social, fun.

Tried lifting the stained blocks and turning them over?

Omega General Help / Re: ignition switch
« on: 16 August 2016, 20:04:30 »
No reprogramming needed.
If it is an immobiliser issue then the EML will be flashing whilst the engine is cranking.
This is likely to be a missed connector or a poor connection somewhere - you will have disturbed a lot of wiring if you took the complete dash out.
Have a good look at the connectors, one of the pins may have been pushed back within the outer shell.

General Car Chat / Re: remember vauxhall cresta,s
« on: 05 July 2016, 21:10:01 »
I had the more rounded Cresta, came out before the PA. Leather bench seats and 3-speed column change. Two tone green, also had a valve radio!
The chrome was peeling off the bumpers in sheets, I was told that there was a nickel shortage so Vauxhall had plated directly onto steel - chrome is porous so the steel rusted under the chrome.

Dare I go back a few years and mention MY Renault 4? I'm sure it was 850cc. not 750, but what's 100cc between friends?
It wasn't just a runabout either; it did around 30k miles per year for my job......


R4L then, with 4 speed box unlike the R4 which only had 3.....and a 0-60 time which was marked n/a in AutoCar mag.

Renaults previously owned:

4 (750cc)
4 (1100cc)
4 van

Without the above my skill at welding thin steel to rusty steel would not be as good.

11 TXE
21 TXI

The above two improved my electrical diagnostic skills and the 21TXI taught me how to cope with random total brake failure and how to restart the Televes power brake system whilst at 70mph on the motorway.

General Car Chat / Re: Meriva P.A.S. problems.
« on: 22 April 2016, 13:38:55 »
Oh, and calibration is simply swinging the steering from lock to lock.

General Car Chat / Re: Meriva P.A.S. problems.
« on: 22 April 2016, 13:38:09 »
Try Marks suggestion but the common failure is due to the torque sensors on the steering shaft coming unbonded, the control unit cant make any sense of the resulting input signals then fails safe and turns the motor off.
This symptom gets progressively worse with time and you start to dread the warning light coming on - usually just as you pitch into a tight roundabout and find you cant turn the wheel anymore.

BBA Reman do an exchange unit for these, think you have to check the variant letter (sticker) on the unit before ordering if you want to get the new one before returning the old.

Not too bad to fit - minor abrasions and bleeding only required.

General Discussion Area / Re: last
« on: 15 April 2016, 08:35:34 »
Oh well, missus will be in soon, best get the possum belly and boiled hog jowls on.  ;D

Tha's eatin well, t'were sugar butties f'tea when I last lived oop north.

General Discussion Area / Re: 108
« on: 18 March 2016, 13:55:59 » this is not a thread about rickety old railcars then?

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