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Omega General Help / Omega reving
« on: 12 March 2018, 17:21:19 »
I'm sure when I used to be in sport or foot fully down before changing gear it would hit the red line.

I noticed the other day when giving it a good dose full .. The change to second and to third it didn't hit the red line was about 500rpm before when it changed

Any idea?

Omega General Help / Re: Door seals
« on: 12 March 2018, 17:15:28 »
Ebay about 30 quid brand new but only passenger available .. I'm gonna fork out for drivers side but that nearer 100 quid

Omega General Help / Re: Y32se pistons
« on: 08 March 2018, 03:56:40 »
Not sure but if it did fit I'd assume low compression as be a short piston no doubt..

I want higher compression

Omega General Help / Re: Y32se pistons
« on: 07 March 2018, 23:20:29 »
Nothing wrong with engine .. But I am rebuilding a spare motor to go in mine when I have time

Ported heads raised compression Piper cams... Ported manifolds... And was going to rebore and fit larger pistons more Cc..

I could get the largest std spec and just lightly hone the bkres I suppose ... As will be having pistons coated

Was just hoping could get like a 0.5mm oversize piston that's all

Omega General Help / Y32se pistons
« on: 04 March 2018, 18:13:16 »
Anyone know of any oversize pistons available for 3.2 omega forged or none forged

Omega General Help / Door seals
« on: 26 February 2018, 21:14:54 »
Got brand new front door seals for omega and I notice it goes down glass Channel at door opening end..

Anyone ever swapped one or now how too

Omega General Help / Re: Keeping brake discs from going rusty
« on: 22 February 2018, 22:46:43 »
Buy some zinc wurth primer in aerosol and spray outer edge and bell of a new disc once decreased.. don't worry about getting paint on face.... once you drive a mile it will wear it off face and leave zinc coating in fins of discs and on bell .. won't rust then.. I always do I on my cars done it few weeks ago on my omega looks good and makes discs last better

Omega General Help / Re: Caters tuning guide question
« on: 14 February 2018, 06:03:58 »
As far as aware all 3.2 omega have G and J cams ideal for torque and power good balance...

Gonna grab a spare set and send away to be reground

Omega General Help / Re: headlight level sensor
« on: 14 February 2018, 06:02:46 »
I managed to swap one over eventually ...
There's the bolts holding them to the subframes and screws holding them to the brackets.

If you can't undo the brackets, then you're clearly not trying...

Was trying but apart from grind them off re drilling and tapping weren't moving ...

I'd always rather fit new parts when something like this regardless of cost...
Could be there Unsoldering every joint and resolder get back on and still doesn't work ... Lots of effort and time wasted ...

If can be bough new I'd rather just buy new... Or if someone selling a known good pair swap to at once with brackets

Front cooked now as broke trying to remove of bracket
Rear not been touched

Omega General Help / Re: headlight level sensor
« on: 08 February 2018, 11:31:40 »
Screws are seized can't remove bracket and what do you need to do to sensor to repair

Omega General Help / Re: Caters tuning guide question
« on: 06 February 2018, 15:26:34 »
Don't a 3.2 have G inlet and J exh ... I'm sending a set of 3.2 cams of to be reground by newman cams

Omega General Help / Re: Caters tuning guide question
« on: 06 February 2018, 12:28:04 »
Indeed apadpts nicely obviously to a point however I will be going standalone management/piggyback ecu at same time so can be mapped properly...

So that is no issue to me... However don't want it so high that even 99octane fuel isn't enough to make use of the compression haha

3.2 is lower comp than 3.0 or 2.5   so I would think fitting smaller cc head would raise it but not to level of that on a 3.0 .... Anyways shall see haha

I'll strip 2.6 heads down rebuild fit 3.2 exhaust valves reshape ports to match 3.2 manifolds and have chambers and valves coated

Omega General Help / Re: Caters tuning guide question
« on: 06 February 2018, 09:14:40 »
So basically dropping a 2.6 head on my 3.2 will do what I'm wanting raise compression .. Just make sure I fit 3.2 exhaust valves as sodium filled and 3.2 cams or 4xg...

Anyone any idea how much compression will be once 2.6 heads are fitted ... According to quide a 3.2 with 2.5 heads give around 10.8.1 which is good improvement overstock allowing more ignition when super unleaded being used

Omega General Help / Caters tuning guide question
« on: 05 February 2018, 07:27:32 »
Read through the whole caters tuning guide on internet other day and a lot of it is information from this site?

Main thing asking was it was stating putting 2.5v6 heads on 3.2 block matching the ports and using 3.2 head gaskets raises compression a bit allowing more power and linking with 4xg cams made quite a good cheap power hike

My question is what would sticking 2.6 heads onto a 3.2 do ? I'm guessing the chamber is smaller than a 3.2 so would still raise compression so why not use these instead... Or is it the 2.5 are smaller again allowing higher compression than a 2.6 head ......

Omega General Help / Re: headlight level sensor
« on: 28 January 2018, 13:21:30 »
warning message on for years(least 5)... lights work fine but do not move up and dow. when first turn on...

wiring appears to be ok no rips etc is possible wiring failed however sensor being common fault and its age.. id like to fit new front one then fit a new rear if warning message doesnt disappear that way know it brand new

anyone got part number

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